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Franklin... What do you think?

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cakegoblin Sun 02-Feb-14 16:08:38

Just brainstorming boys names and found this at no. 450 - I love Freddie but can't use Frederick so this could be my perfect alternative name, Frankie as a nn would go really well with our surname... What do you think? Means "liberated" apparently.

Admiraltea Sun 02-Feb-14 16:10:46


Admiraltea Sun 02-Feb-14 16:16:49

Like Frank on it's own, why end a perfectly good name by bolting a girls name on the end. (Apologies to FDR)

K999 Sun 02-Feb-14 16:22:29

Reminds me of a tortoise/turtle from that cartoon.....grin

Strongecoffeeismydrug Sun 02-Feb-14 16:54:41

I love it and wanted to use it if this little one had been a boy.
However I have a son called Marshall and I couldn't have had a franklin too cos of the clothing brandhmm.

cakegoblin Sun 02-Feb-14 17:28:27

Ooh, I would never have made the Franklin Mint association, was more concerned about Roosevelt or that bloody woman on Eastenders shouting "Fraaaank!" Still like it though smile

LightsPlease Sun 02-Feb-14 17:29:01

Franklyn is lovely.

RabbitPies Sun 02-Feb-14 17:33:29

I hate it,but I cannot bear any variation of Frank. I think 'Frank' has such a harsh,ugly sound.

SS3J Sun 02-Feb-14 19:08:22

I also am not keen on Frank, but love Frankie, and Franklin is a MUCH better full name for this than Francis imo. I like it!

dustarr73 Mon 03-Feb-14 18:58:00

I had Franklin as one of my boys names.In the end i didnt use it as i didnt love it enough.Fast forward to school and his friend in school was Frankie.

MadameJosephine Mon 03-Feb-14 19:00:45

It's my DS's middle name. It's a family name on his dad's side and I wasn't keen to begin with but it's grown on me and now I love it

newyearhere Mon 03-Feb-14 20:21:35

D. Roosevelt

Ihatepeas Mon 03-Feb-14 20:28:08

I really like it.

lljkk Mon 03-Feb-14 20:30:49

I like it, I like Frank too.

SpocksThirdEar Mon 03-Feb-14 20:33:00

I like it, mainly because I know a little Franklin and he is adorable.

Parentingfailure Mon 03-Feb-14 21:09:05

I have a Frank. Ace name! Love Franklin

Rhubarbgarden Tue 04-Feb-14 12:05:50

I don't like it. Francis is lovely though.

Nataleejah Tue 04-Feb-14 12:48:58

Really nice

thegreylady Tue 04-Feb-14 15:12:49

My grandson is Frank [Francis] and he really suits it, I think it is a cool name which will wear well.

moggle Tue 04-Feb-14 15:15:58

Love it. I think of Benjamin Franklin when I hear it and he was a total dude.

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