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Is it odd to name a baby after a ship?

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deeleigh123 Sun 05-Jan-14 03:11:24

My father sailed on HMS Ariadne when he first joined the navy and it's also a Greek mythological name. I think it's sweet but is it odd to name a baby after a ship? The nn would be Aria not Ari as already have Remy and (no offence to anyone) I can't stand rhyming sibling names. Does it go with the middle name Ivy? Any other suggestions for siblings Violet Rose Ann and Remy Quill Brian? Thanks smile xxx

Plateofcrumbs Wed 08-Jan-14 04:34:49

As long as your father (assuming he is alive?) likes it and doesn't find it strange having his granddaughter named after a former workplace! If he tells a lot of stories about his 'days on the Ariadne' it might be odd. Otherwise lovely name and it's nice to have a name with a personal meaning.

Stokes Tue 07-Jan-14 20:55:58

Go for it - I'm named after the ship my dad was master of when I was born.

I really like the connection - although he does like to tell me it's more impressive to have the ship named after you than the other way round grin

WhenWhyWhere Tue 07-Jan-14 20:43:47

It's a fantastic name but with a name that cool why would you want to use a NN.

NameoftheRose Tue 07-Jan-14 19:38:34

Ah sisterofmercy, so your RL name is Queen? Or perhaps 2, pronounced "second"?

NameoftheRose Tue 07-Jan-14 19:37:05

Wish I'd thought of this when naming my sons. My dad served on the Implacable and the Illustrious. Could have used them as middle names at least.

Matthew Implacable Smith & Jonathan Illustrious Smith. Not their actual first or last names. Or maybe just Implacable Smith and Illustrious Smith grin

Really wish I'd thought of it though, I think it's a lovely idea and Ariadne's a lovely name.

Mckayz Tue 07-Jan-14 19:27:56

My DH is in the merchant navy and we track him on marine traffic. He's off to Pacific Champion next week. Not a great baby name.

sisterofmercy Tue 07-Jan-14 17:25:01

I was partly named after the QE2 which my dad worked on.... 'Ariadne' is lovely. smile

Rooners Tue 07-Jan-14 17:01:14

Oh it's fine. Quill is interesting - do you mind if I ask the provenance of that?

Fwiw I wanted to use the name 'Hesper' as a middle name for one of mine but it never happened...I kind of made it up but I liked it meaning Hope. Well I think it does anyway. And loads of ships seem to have been called Hesperus.

JulesJules Tue 07-Jan-14 16:58:28

Oh I love that Marine Traffic website. Can lose hours on it.

TaraKnowles Tue 07-Jan-14 16:51:42

I thought it was going to be 'Jolly Roger'.

JuliaScurr Tue 07-Jan-14 16:41:28

My friend is named after a barge that was named after a girl

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 07-Jan-14 16:41:15

Now now Meditrina there's no need for that! wink grin

meditrina Tue 07-Jan-14 16:35:54

There's an oil tanker called Xenia

notso Tue 07-Jan-14 16:29:35

I too came on expecting Voyager, Discovery or Albatross.

Go for it!

YuffietheNinja Tue 07-Jan-14 16:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meditrina Tue 07-Jan-14 16:13:04

Huge list of RN ships' names here

Quite good quarry for both human and pet names grin

ErrolTheDragon Tue 07-Jan-14 15:59:11

Don't forget Endeavour Morse!

Ariadne is a beautiful name and its a nice reason. Really it's the ship which has been given a woman's name.

I quite like the idea of using ship names....won't be having more kids but perhaps my next dachshund could be named after my favourite ... the Beagle grin

meditrina Tue 07-Jan-14 15:56:00

I wouldn't have known a ship was named after the character from the Greek myths.

minniemagoo Tue 07-Jan-14 15:52:29

Lovely but re nn I know an Ariadne known as Addie!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 07-Jan-14 15:40:53

I think Bismark is a great name for a child! grin wink

BrokenFairylights Tue 07-Jan-14 07:02:24

When I saw this I thought the ship might be HMS Illustrious or something equally boat like. Ariadne is lovely wither without the boat connection, so I'd just go for it. As for the nn in my experience the children's friends tend to determine this regardless of what the parents wishes are grin

Mikkii Tue 07-Jan-14 06:11:06

I was guessing Mauretania!

JulesJules Tue 07-Jan-14 05:26:14

Ariadne is a proper name first, and a lovely one.

An ancestor of mine was born en route to New Zealand and was named after the ship - Piako (middle name) which I think is great. Obviously not if it had been Ark Royal or something.

JCMSD Tue 07-Jan-14 05:20:08

Really like it. Agree with previous poster that you can't force a nn but Ria might be an option if you don't mind Ria and Remy. Actually, the Remy I know is a Rem!

Varya Sun 05-Jan-14 14:31:32

Dreadnaught, after famous sub?

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