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Boy names to go with Eva!

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Chelseylou Sat 04-Jan-14 21:58:58

Hi all. Me and my husband cant agree on a boys name at all. He likes more modern names like Ethan but I like old man names like Seth and Amos.

My grandad was called Bill and we both kind of like Billy but not sure it goes with Eva. Eva and Billy?? not sure.

Any other suggestions that cud make us agree wud be brill smile xx

ilovesmurfs Sat 04-Jan-14 22:02:36

My friend has na Eva, her son is called Mattie.

Tradiional names go well with Eva.

Ihatepeas Sat 04-Jan-14 22:13:58

I think Eva and Billy goes well I would however go for Eva and William which is fabulous!

LumpySpacePrincessOhMyGlob Sat 04-Jan-14 23:00:41


Eachpeachpearwherestheplum Sat 04-Jan-14 23:05:31


southerngirl25599 Sun 05-Jan-14 03:20:08


BelleOfTheBorstal Sun 05-Jan-14 03:22:45


Charotte31 Sun 05-Jan-14 03:23:44


mathanxiety Sun 05-Jan-14 04:04:57

Eva and Ethan would be a bit matchy.

I like Eva and William and I think Eva and nickname Billy would be nice as sibling names.

How about:
Eva and Oliver
Eva and Sam (suggested by Charlotte31)
Eva and Max (either Maximillian or Maxwell on BC)
Eva and Jonah
Eva and Patrick
Eva and Alexander (Alex for short)
Eva and Isaac
Eva and Nicholas
Eva and Luke or Lucas
Eva and Benjamin (Ben for short)

mypavlova Sun 05-Jan-14 04:21:18

Eva and Harry
Eva and Arthur
Eva and Robert
Eva and James
Eva and Connor

hoboken Sun 05-Jan-14 04:25:47

Rory, William, James, George, Prometheus, Ptolemy, Jacob, Jensen, Fabian, Matthew, Bartholomew, Jonathan, Simon, Simeon, Jeremy, Piers...

(Avoid 'a' or 'er' sound at the end of the name and 'E' at the beginning?)

BelleOfTheBorstal Sun 05-Jan-14 04:28:48

Fabian would go well.

DoctorTwoTurtleDoves Sun 05-Jan-14 06:30:11

Wall-E? wink grin

snowed Sun 05-Jan-14 13:05:54

Ethan is a Biblical name, like Seth and Amos, so not as modern as you might think.

singaporeswing Sun 05-Jan-14 13:10:12

My DSis has an Eva and Dominic.

ohmymimi Sun 05-Jan-14 13:34:16

Lucien? winksmile

ToffeeJungle Sun 05-Jan-14 14:51:27


Chelseylou Fri 10-Jan-14 18:46:42

Thank you. Why is it so difficult. Still cant agree n then when we like one and mention it to family someone doesnt like it n puts me off x

kelda Fri 10-Jan-14 18:48:44

I know two Eva/Jonas sibling combinations.

mathanxiety Sat 11-Jan-14 05:11:46

Word of advice-- DO NOT mention names you are kicking around to family.

Chelseylou Sun 12-Jan-14 17:16:19

Yes I agree family do keep putting us off names. X

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