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Need a "won't be one of seven in his class" boy name!

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moominleigh94 Sat 04-Jan-14 09:59:07

Me again... still don't know what we're having but I realised that I hadn't given much thought to what if it's a boy... and now that everyone I know thinks I'm having a boy, I realised I'd probably better get a move on grin all the names I love for a boy, I'm worried (not too worried - not enough to put me off a name completely, I don't think) that he'll be one of six or seven in his class. Here are the names I like a lot (some have particular reasons for choosing them)

Dylan - I want Welsh in there somewhere but this is one of the only Welsh first names I like (grew up in a very very Welsh village where all the boys had Welsh names and they've put me off them!). Also love Dylan Thomas, which is what attracted us to the name in the first place. But seems like every classroom has four Dylans in it right now.

Tobias nn Toby - I really like it but not sure it's 'right' for us, OH loves it but there was a character in a children's film and he keeps saying the name in a Scottish accent and it drives me insane grin plus with Divergent coming out next year, it's going to become popular.

Rory - OH likes it, I think it's cute, just can't find a middle name (and Rory The Tiger/Rory The Racing Car puts me off)

Oscar - I love this one, but OH has a distant friend with a son called this and apparently it's reason enough not to use it, but last night he said he does really like it.

Alexander - I think it's a bit more 'classic' than my other choices. I'm just not keen on the nickname Alex, I much prefer Xand or Xander (a la Alexander Armstrong wink ) which I'm worried people think is too 'trendy' or whatever. OH really likes it too.

Tristan - OH really likes this, it's a nod to his and his family's passion for medieval history. I like it but hated the character in Stardust and also knew a very annoying boy with this name but different spelling.

Christopher - OH likes it. I don't.

Archie - Would be short for Archer. We're both quite keen on this one.

Joseph - Would probably be known as Joe. Again, just worried he'll be one of many in his classroom.

Basically I'm after opinions on whether the boys would be one of many with all these names, and any others similar to my choices (so not Clement or Horatio) that might be better?

Names I like but we can't use -
Monty - it's the name of my car hmm
Alfie - Friend's sister is due month before me and they're calling their little boy Alfie.

TalkativeJim Sat 04-Jan-14 17:40:47

Talfryn (Tal)
Tegwyn (Teg)
Gwilym (Wil or Gwil)

All go with Rhys?

My DCs are 9 and 7 and there has never been more than two of any name in either of their classes. The only boy's names there have been two of in his class are James, Thomas and Oliver. At nursery there were two Matthews.

I don't like Tristan either, it does seem a weak name. Joe is lovely, Archie is OK, I'm not keen on Tobias You need to like all variations, both my DCs have gone with a different variation of their names than those we started out with since starting school, so if you don't like Alex, I'd avoid Alexander.

lljkk Sat 04-Jan-14 18:47:38

Rhys as first name would be good, that is uncommon ime.
I'm a bit confused about what OP wants, now! Most of her faves are quite common ime.

moominleigh94 Sat 04-Jan-14 19:32:21

Haha lljkk I'm not sure what I want grin this baby is doomed to be Baby No-Name even when it's born, whether it's a boy or a girl!

We know a Rhys who's a 'character' which is why it's confined to second name.
Very Welsh names are difficult because I went to school with a bunch of boys with most of those names who weren't nice guys.

I think Dylan is still firmly at the top of the list (part of the reason I started this thread was to see if anything could make me hate it, and so far no, which I think is a good sign!). Alexander second. Joseph is really growing on me smile

moominleigh94 Sat 04-Jan-14 19:33:11

We now have the spanner in the works of OH wanting 'Ernest' as a second middle name. I'm very hmm about Ernest but if I'm allowed a family name in there so his he.

Flopsygrowsup Sat 04-Jan-14 19:53:29

Lots of Dylan's amongst my welsh friends. I like Teifion (Teif) also like Jonathan (Jon, Jonny, Jonty, Jonno)

PinkGlove Sat 04-Jan-14 20:17:05

What a lovely list of names! I have a 3 year old Joseph and FWIW he's the only one I know - besides my mums dad who I never met as he died before I was born.

I like Rory, Tobias/Toby, Oscar and Alexander.

Other suggestions



I quite like Ernest, esp Ernie as a nickname, but it's a family name with happy associations for me.

stinkypants Sat 04-Jan-14 21:15:31

Dylan is a lovely name. I know 3 of these from teaching.Love name Tristan, nn Tris, not wet but gentle and kind sounding and I know an adult one who is just that. Toby nice but loads. Alexander Ok but too long so will never use whole thing. Joseph lovely, have taught loads. Not keen on archie- bit pretentious? Christopher again too long!
Favourite is Tris x

purplebaubles Sat 04-Jan-14 21:19:09

Dylan's are always 'characters' - as are boys called Rhys

Personally I would stick with Alexander. Much classier.

Loads of Archies.

gallicgirl Sat 04-Jan-14 21:19:38

I'd guarantee there's no Kenneths in his class.

Flippancy aside though, how abouth Evan or Ethan?

Lancelottie Sat 04-Jan-14 21:25:36

We spent ages thinking of the perfect names.

As teenagers, ours are known as Beardie and Ginge.

Oh dear.

flatmum Sat 04-Jan-14 21:53:01

I named mine after Bob Dylan for my late father who was a big fan. It was outside the top 1000 at the time. I was pissed off when it apparently rocketed up the charts. He is 9 now and I have met one other (who is 4). It really suits him and I till love it. He is a sweet boy, very friendly, I wouldn't describe him as a character aka naughty, but I'm biased I guess. Hopefully the fad has passed now?

Sometime I wonder why we obsess over name popularity when there are 1000s of people out there who are quite happy to call there children Thomas or Harry, they don't love them any less and they aren't any less special in their family.

Utterly Sat 04-Jan-14 22:10:22

With boys' names, they are usually popular for a reason. You can't predict what will be popular where you live and it seems to vary by region. Go with what you like.

fedup21 Sat 04-Jan-14 23:43:24

Love lots of those names and DS's name is there, too smile You have great taste smile

I am not keen on Tobias, but love love love Toby-though DH wouldn't let me use it with any of our DC--said it was a dog's name!

Tristan is lovely (DH said it was gay)

Alexander-nice but probably no matter what you want him to be called, he will be called Alex-so if you really hate that, don't go for it.

I like Rory-and the racing car was Roary, wasn't it-completely different! DH said this was a bit posh??!

Oscar is nice but very popular.

I like Christopher but don't like Chris-too boring and it is ultimately what he'd be called as an adult.

I love Archie but ruled it out because of Archie the inventor in Balamory (is that still even on!?)

Joseph is a gorgeous name but at the moment in DD's YR class, there is a Joe, Joey, JayJay, Joseph B. Joseph M., Joseph T and Josephine! That puts me off-which is a shame.

The only one I dont like is Dylan. That's used as a bit of an insult around here (I don't know why?) and that's really put me off the name!

I don't know if it will help but I also liked Oliver, Dominic, Leo and Patrick smile

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