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Phoebe Nanette, or Mathilda Nanette?

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AngryBeaver Thu 02-Jan-14 08:40:13

Or something else?!
Has to be Nanette in homage to my lovely Gran smile

I think the nn Tilly is really sweet. But know Mathilde/Mathilda/Matilda is on the rise.

I've always thought Phoebe was quite a cool name.
Now I'm not sure. What nn for that? pheebs?! :-/

MimiSunshine Thu 02-Jan-14 12:09:42

Phoebe Nanette.
Like Mathilda but all in it sounds a bit harsh in comparison

MimiSunshine Thu 02-Jan-14 12:11:20

Oh and nickname for Phoebe, probably will be something random but I prefer Ebee (E-bee)

AngryBeaver Thu 02-Jan-14 18:55:37

I'm not sure it sounds harsh, but maybe a bit of a mouthful?

Hmmm, phoebe.

I used to love it, but now I'm not so sure.

I like Elsie as well, but that's 2 old lady names and dh wouldn't go for it.

toobreathless Thu 02-Jan-14 19:30:20

Like both smile

I would use the nickname Bee or little bee for Phoebe.

AngryBeaver Thu 02-Jan-14 20:12:06

Dh has just suggested India :-/
(First time he has ever suggested ANYTHING and this is dc4!!!)

I said Harriet? Nn Hattie? He replied "hmm, kids might call her Hattie Twatty!you have to think of these things"
I'm not asking him his opinion anymore grin

elvesavleftdabildin Thu 02-Jan-14 20:39:50

Nono Nanette. wink

lljkk Thu 02-Jan-14 20:48:07

I went to school with a Nanette!
I don't like Phoebe or Matilda but Tilda (Tilly) is ok.
I don't know any old ladies called Elsie.
come to think of it, my grandmother was named after both of her grandmothers.

londonmummy436 Thu 02-Jan-14 23:42:52

I prefer Matilda as there are so many different nn's to suit all types of characters! But don't worry about Phoebe either as that rarely gets a nn!

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 00:55:02

I like Tilda when I see it written, but it seems harsh when I speak it.
I do really like the nn Tilly more than I like the name Matilda.

Phoebe has been in the running for a few years.

Also like Willow, but no one else does.
So that's a non starter.

I liked Minnie, until my SIL told me that's what she calls her foof confused

Skrifa Fri 03-Jan-14 03:39:02

I love Phoebe Nanette. Phoebe sounds bright and fun and cheerful imo, and I love the sound of it.

DramaAlpaca Fri 03-Jan-14 03:53:26

Phoebe is lovely.

I can't like Nanette, no matter how I try, but I think it's a nice tribute to your Gran smile

sleepywombat Fri 03-Jan-14 04:27:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tilbatilba Fri 03-Jan-14 04:28:06

Both names are beautiful and go well with Nanette. Love Phoebe more - very classic and timeless. nn Phoebes, Phoebles,P and Bee.

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 06:58:16

I know, Nanette is not a beautiful name. My dh really doesn't like it.
But my gran was a wonderful woman and it's the least I can do to honour her memory in this way smile

And ooh, I like bee as a nn, because I really liked Nn bea for Beatrice, but couldn't love Beatrice so abandoned it.

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 07:15:05

Ps Couldn't have nn P here smile in this country it's the well known name of a street drug!

callamia Fri 03-Jan-14 07:33:44

I like Phoebe too.
If not Elsie, do you like Elsa or Elise?

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 07:56:49

I like Elsa, but have a friend here with dd of that name.
Not keen on Elise.

Skrifa Fri 03-Jan-14 14:13:14

I know a Phoebe called Fizz/Phizz, and another Phoebe called Oebie.

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 18:47:01

Not so keen on fizz, reminds me of corrie (which I hate!)

Allalonenow Fri 03-Jan-14 19:05:49

Phoebe Nanette is lovely, you could have Bebe as a nn.
I'm not keen on India, and know several old ladies called Elsie so it seems dated to me.

AngryBeaver Fri 03-Jan-14 19:58:34

I'm not keen India either.
I do like Elsie in its own, but with Nanette it would just be very old fashioned.
Quite like bebe smile

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