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Matilda or Tilly ?

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charliedrinks26 Tue 24-Dec-13 02:53:50

So I love the name Matilda and like the nn Tilly , dh doesn't like Matilda but loves Tilly .... I don't want to call her Tilly as I can't imagine her older with that name, my thoughts are we called her Matilda but we and others use the nn Tilly- then when she's older she can sort of decide what she wants to be known as ie Matilda, Tilly , matty.

Dh isn't really considering any other name, I'm finding he just dismisses everything else I suggest and when I ask him for suggestions he always cones back to Tilly!

Can anyone recommend any other names ... We have a rubbish and long surname ! So need something quite short (ish) middle name is going to be Alivia- mix of Alice and Sylvia our grandparents names Tia grin xxx

charliedrinks26 Tue 24-Dec-13 03:00:40

Just realised the title I've used isn't really what I'm Asking! Ha sorry! Just need some fresh ideas to play around with! or any ideas to convince dh to call her Matilda!!! Lol xxx

MiniMonty Tue 24-Dec-13 03:13:00

Can you think of anyone famous, successful or fabulous who is called Matilda?
Neither can I.
There may be a reason...

Matilda is a truly awful name to saddle a child with and you, as parents, need to think about the next eighty years for this small person.

Give the girl a big long name she can play with as she grows. Example: Isobel: Issy, Bel, Istsy bits, (are you getting the idea)?
Philippa: phil, pip, philly etc etc (use your imagination)

Or a one syllable name which cannot be played with at all:
Ruth. (there are many others)

Matilda shrinks to: Mat, Matty, Til, Tilly, Tilda or Til.
I hear no joy in these...

Rosencrantz Tue 24-Dec-13 03:15:31

Tilda Swinton. Fabulous.

charliedrinks26 Tue 24-Dec-13 03:33:11

For the record I don't want everyone's opinion on Matilda! I do not expect everyone to like it, but I do so to tell me " it's a truly awful name" and we would saddling her with that name is not helpful! I'm not asking for opinions I'm asking for other suggestions or help to try and persuade dh!!!

comedaygoday Tue 24-Dec-13 06:30:07

I know you don't want an opinion on Matilda, but I think it's a lovely name, both strong and pretty. Other names you might like are:


charliedrinks26 Tue 24-Dec-13 07:35:58

Aw thanks Hun smile (nice opinions are welcome hehe!) xx

peggylane Tue 24-Dec-13 13:15:42

If Roald Dahl's Matilda isn't famous and fabulous I really don't know! There are also several songs about Matilda which again suggests it's a beautiful, popular girls' name. Please ignore MiniMonty, I'm not sure they know what they're talking about!
I would definitely go with Matilda on the birth certificate and then see how it goes. She might be Tilly all her life or become Tilda (which I love and yes, Tilda Swinton is also famous and fabulous!) or even Matilda, not sure it will always be in your hands what she will be called it which name she later prefers.

BigArea Tue 24-Dec-13 13:34:29

Well aren't you charming MiniMonty

Matilda is a beautiful name, although we spell ours Mathilda - she is Tilda for short. However i do think you both need to agree on a name. Not sure quite how you'd get someone to like a name when they don't!

DontCallMeDaughter Tue 24-Dec-13 14:40:21

I love Matilda and the nn Tilly. I think you're right that using Tilly as her name and not Matilda might be a bit tough on her as an adult, but I do know 2 adult Matildas who go by Tilly.

My brother has a middle name that's really a nickname, he has a "sensible" first name because my parents couldn't agree! He uses his sensible first name professionally but his middle name socially. Does that help?!

keiratomm Tue 24-Dec-13 14:40:58

one more vote FOR Matilda

ThePortlyPinUp Tue 24-Dec-13 14:42:45

I have a Tilly, she just didn't look like a Matilda.

octopusinasantasack Tue 24-Dec-13 14:44:34

Matilda. She can always use Tilly as a nickname.

oopsadaisyme Tue 24-Dec-13 14:45:46

Oh I love Matilda! Not a common one I've heard in ages! - Tilly, Tilda, Tiz, all good nn!

Love it x

oopsadaisyme Tue 24-Dec-13 14:49:16

I've got two boys christened longer names than what we actually call them! But the option is always their in what they call themselves when their older -

Dancealot Tue 24-Dec-13 14:49:22

I love Matilda.


Talitha (nn Tally)

jojane Tue 24-Dec-13 14:52:39

Dd is Matilda. A lot of her friends call her tilda (they are 5), I sometimes call her Tilly or tilda. It's a nice name without being too popular, people often comment on what a nice name it is.
Ps only downside is it is very hard to find anything with her name on!

oopsadaisyme Tue 24-Dec-13 14:56:24

jojane but has a fab Roald Dahl book with her namesake!!

Think Matilda an awesome name x

SoonToBeSix Tue 24-Dec-13 15:06:21

Mini your post was very rude my dd is called Matilda and we think
It is a beautiful name. Op we call her Tilda as a nn.

msmiggins Tue 24-Dec-13 15:21:44

I would say start afresh- and put the idea of Matilda/Tilly on teh back burner for the moment.

Do you have a baby name book? I would both pick out 10 or 12 names that you like individually- see if you can meet in the middle, you may find a lovely name that neither of you had considered.

oopsadaisyme Tue 24-Dec-13 15:22:21

soonTo omg, missed that, how rude mini, aside from that totally untrue!

Tilda Swinton, an oscar winning actress, 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl (about a magical little girl), again fabulous - aside all that, I personally think Matilda is a beautiful name, and not even thought of it as an option before this thread!

Now on my list!

YummyMummybee Tue 24-Dec-13 15:39:56

Watching thus thread with interest my little Matilda Florence(Tilly) arriving soon, absolutely love it!!! We struggled between this & Daisy but went for Matilda due to cute nn potential! X

oopsadaisyme Tue 24-Dec-13 15:47:33

yummy good choice, and many congrats on your new littleun! Lovely middle name also!! x

lovetoski Tue 24-Dec-13 15:54:46

What about Natalie nn Tilly

jojane Tue 24-Dec-13 16:14:25

Yummymummybee - our first. Home was daisy but went with matilda, we must have the same taste in names!

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