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I've finally found the perfect name for DD!

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LynetteScavo Sun 08-Dec-13 21:11:39

Oh, yes Dillydollydaydream DD changed her name when she went into's a bit odd hearing her refered to by her teacher as a different name, but to be fair, it's what her brothers call her.

When she was 3yo she changed her name to Emily Stilton. (Becuase someone called her Emily by mistake, and because it was Christmas we had some Stilton, and she just liked the sound of it)

Changing your first name is one thing, but changing your surname at such a young age is pushing it, IMO.

Tiredemma Sun 08-Dec-13 20:32:29

Me too ( now), but it was v close!

TwoMinutesToMidnight Sun 08-Dec-13 20:31:03

tired I personally prefer Esme to Phoebe.

Tiredemma Sun 08-Dec-13 20:07:40

We almost had Phoebe. Love it.

Settled on Esme though.

Dillydollydaydream Sun 08-Dec-13 20:05:57

I love the name Phoebe, wanted it for dd but dh said no because of Friends.
Maybe I can get a fluffy puppy and call that Phoebe instead?!

When I was 6 I insisted everyone at school call me Cherry My teacher even had to write it on my books!

LynetteScavo Sun 08-Dec-13 19:59:09

And DH agrees! smile

Unfortunately she is 8yo, so maybe a little late.

Anyway, it's Phoebe.

Suits her perfectly. She likes it, and just told DSs from now on they must only call her Phoebe - but as she regularly changes her name, this probably means nothing.

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