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puntasticusername Mon 02-Dec-13 11:32:53

Just that, really. For a boy.

I think it has a ring to it, but is it too Out There?

Plus, it will inevitably be abbreviated to Rocky, and much as I love the Richard O'Brian musical, I'm not totally sure I want to live in it...

But I really like Rockwell, it's cool, and DIFFERENT...

puntasticusername Tue 03-Dec-13 14:13:03

Thanks. The name fell into place alright with DC1, just as you say - it was one that had been on my longlist in a slightly different form, DH wasn't crazy about it but when we met DS it did seem to suit him better than anything else, so we happily agreed on the variation of the version from the list.

I just don't like not feeling in any way READY with the name, it's way out of my comfort zone!

SparklyNewNameChange Tue 03-Dec-13 13:54:50

I poked fun a bit up thread, but seriously, don't worry about not having something ready. Its an important decision. Ds1 wasn't named for 6 days, and ds2 not for three whole weeks. In both cases we'd agreed a choice of two and ds1 was clearly one of his two, but I had a major wobble over both Ds2's names and so we stalled for a while, and ended up choosing something else entirely. I just took one look at him and thought on sodding way are we calling you that! so I'm a big believer in looking into their eyes smile

puntasticusername Tue 03-Dec-13 13:43:55

Well I'm glad I'm amusing you all, anyway!grin

<has massive fake sulk in the hope that someone might bring me chocolate>

sonlypuppyfat Tue 03-Dec-13 13:27:57

grin oh I love these threads poor little boy with a mum with a sense of humour.

puntasticusername Tue 03-Dec-13 13:19:04

We haven't chosen anything yet. 37 wks pg, me and DH can't agree on ANY names, and we're about at the point of giving up and hoping that inspiration magically strikes when we finally look into DC's eyes for the first time.

I am uncomfortable with that approach, though. To me it's comparable with not preparing a wedding speech and just winging it on the day. And I saw how well that worked out for my dad at my sister's wedding, I don't think she's quite forgiven him to this day...

honeybeeridiculous Tue 03-Dec-13 11:54:03

Think it's a brand of insulation!

mrssmith79 Tue 03-Dec-13 11:48:26

Oh, please don't!

LineRunner Tue 03-Dec-13 08:27:47

So what have you actually plumped for? (Yes, I'm properly awake now.)

puntasticusername Tue 03-Dec-13 08:24:13


DH is from one of the towns listed above. I did, jokingly, suggest that we might honour it in our choice of child's name. You should have seen his eyes light up, bless him.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 03-Dec-13 07:27:11

line grin

LineRunner Tue 03-Dec-13 04:45:36

Stockton on Tees
<goes back to sleep>

MummyofIsla Mon 02-Dec-13 22:15:26

Oh please don't do this to your child! I think even one of Geldof's offspring would struggle to carry this one off!

NigellasGuest Mon 02-Dec-13 22:13:28

Isn't there an American show called Rockwell High? If there isn't, there should be!

LongDivision Mon 02-Dec-13 22:10:18

Love it. My first thought was Rockwell Kent.
Although I'm less fond of the inevitable "Rocky".

KrabbyPatty Mon 02-Dec-13 22:05:51

Hahahahahahaha! No.

And it makes me think of mineral wool insulation.

foofooyeah Mon 02-Dec-13 22:02:40

Makes me think of data centre control systems

LifeOfPee Mon 02-Dec-13 22:01:11

Sounds like some kind of hiking brand. I'm not keen.

Figgygal Mon 02-Dec-13 21:59:55

It's not a name for starters shock noooo

Anjou Mon 02-Dec-13 21:58:20

It's pretty cool if you can carry it off! 'Rocky' as a nn makes me think more 'boxing film' or '.. & Bullwinkle' shows age, both of which are positive associations by the way!

Rocco (Italian) and Roque (Portuguese, pronounced Rocky) are similar sounding, not too out there and 'real' names?

puntasticusername Mon 02-Dec-13 20:34:15

<Bravely> aren't lots of things?



SparklyNewNameChange Mon 02-Dec-13 20:20:48

Isn't that a brand of loft insulation?!

Frontdoorstep Mon 02-Dec-13 20:13:06

It reminds me of the 1980s song , someBody's watching me, guess that is the song that ruby flipper has linked to. But maybe people nowadays aren't familiar with this song.

SpookedMackerel Mon 02-Dec-13 12:35:10

It makes me think of Norman Rockwell. Not a bad association, I suppose.

rubyflipper Mon 02-Dec-13 12:32:05

Makes me think of this song by Rockwell. grin

puntasticusername Mon 02-Dec-13 12:30:06

fanjolina Aw, screw that then, our name doesn't come anywhere close to that (could any?).

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