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Would you name a boy this..?

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AuntieBrenda Sat 30-Nov-13 20:31:11

As in Irish surname, as in Kelly Jones of Stereophonics.

Would you?

Annakin31 Wed 04-Dec-13 04:42:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grizzabellia Sun 01-Dec-13 20:24:50

I wouldn't - know a guy called Tracy and it always seems v strange. He must spend his entire life with people being surprised he is not a woman. I think Kelly would have a similar issue. Also don't like the name much, very eighties and as someone said a bit 'common'.

mathanxiety Sun 01-Dec-13 20:20:50

nee kh-YAHL-ih

The kh sound is like the ch sound of the Scottish 'loch'
The rest is kind of like 'yalley' but with a shorter final vowel sound than 'alley'

LittleBairn Sun 01-Dec-13 15:00:55

I really dislike the name Kelly I've known a few female Kellys growing up in Glasgow its considered outdated now.

nickelbabe Sun 01-Dec-13 14:49:44

celtic I know there's no k in welsh either, but the keri/kerrys I know are definitely from wales and definitely spelt with a k.
it's all that anglicization.
the only person i know who has a c spelling is a cian and is definitely irish.

Kelly for a boy would also make me think of Chicago Fire and the lovely Kelly Savaride, but that would be a fleeting connection - but a strong, heroic, fireman connection…..

baskingseals Sun 01-Dec-13 09:18:41

Math, how would the feminine version be pronounced?

I worked with a lovely lovely guy called Kelly, and one of my closest girlfriends is a Kelly, so for me it is a universal name.

MistleToastyStoHoHoat Sun 01-Dec-13 09:09:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpecialAgentFreyPie Sun 01-Dec-13 05:25:00

I like it a lot. smile

mathanxiety Sun 01-Dec-13 05:21:25

Another thing accomplished by changing O Ceallaigh to Kelly or O'Kelly, etc., was that the feminine form of the name -- ni Cheallaigh -- was eliminated altogether.

perfectstorm Sun 01-Dec-13 05:18:16

Trifle, please tell me you're making a joke which backfired - you don't seriously think God is an Englishman and all those silly foreigners talk weirdly because they're showoffs, do you? confused

Trooperslane Sun 01-Dec-13 04:56:27

Trifle - the Irish spell their names in IRISH, not a ridiculous way. Bloody cheek.

Sunnysummer Sun 01-Dec-13 04:19:44

Only if DH and I were both very strong, very good fighters and/or very attractive, and very confident that our son would be the same. Otherwise, no.

squoosh Sun 01-Dec-13 03:11:32

'Don't the Irish have a knack of taking simple names and spelling them in a ridiculous way. Surely Kelly would be spelt Kelighah or something equally unpronounceable. Aside from that, no.'

No, we don't take 'simple' names and spell them in a ridiculous way, we spell Irish names in an IRISH way. You know, because it's a different language? The world does not revolve around the English language you ignorant fool.

Tigerbomb Sun 01-Dec-13 00:05:22

I thought it was a girls name. Didn't realise it could be a boys name too. It didn't sound too bad and then I remembered this

lottiegarbanzo Sat 30-Nov-13 23:48:25

The first Kelly I knew was a female Labrador and it's the doggyness more than the sex that comes instantly to mind and would put me off!

thenicknameiwantedisgone Sat 30-Nov-13 23:27:05

I wouldn't, no.

I know a Kelly jones and she is definitely female!

weirdthing Sat 30-Nov-13 23:16:25

Kerry would be nice for a boy, I think.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 30-Nov-13 23:14:43

I know a male Kelly, always assumed that he's a she when talking about him.
Even if someone says something to me about him I automatically think through the females first.

BlueChampagne Sat 30-Nov-13 23:13:29


Soldierskittle Sat 30-Nov-13 23:11:59

Kelly slater. Yum

CelticPromise Sat 30-Nov-13 23:08:10

There's no K in Welsh either. Nickel you must be thinking of Ceri. I know male and female Ceris.

CelticPromise Sat 30-Nov-13 23:08:08

There's no K in Welsh either. Nickel you must be thinking of Ceri. I know male and female Ceris.

AuntieBrenda Sat 30-Nov-13 23:05:18

I know! I'm welsh and also get affronted by language mockery

Inkspellme Sat 30-Nov-13 23:03:31

Thanks for the post explaining the basis of where Kelly came from in the Irish Language.

As regards the insulting comments about the Irish using ridiculus spellings - well, I'm just grateful I'm not that ignorant about my neighbouring countries language and traditions.

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