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Seth or Sally

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Pennypringles Fri 22-Nov-13 14:24:26

We are trying for baby 4 and have already decided on Seth or Sally but stuck for middle names. We already have Harriet Maisy, Martha Emily and Samuel Joseph. Any ideas?

DancingLady Fri 22-Nov-13 14:25:19

What sort of surname do you have? Love Seth and Sally btw!

Pennypringles Fri 22-Nov-13 14:30:42

Thanks smile Our surname is Wild

squoosh Fri 22-Nov-13 14:52:44

Wild is a brilliant surname (wondering if OP grew up in one of the Wild communes).

Seth Wild sounds like a writer of crime fiction. Sally Wild sounds like a vaudeville star. Good choices!

YouAreMyRain Fri 22-Nov-13 15:00:31

I wanted Seth! It was my top boys name but DP didn't like it sad

phantomhairpuller Fri 22-Nov-13 15:03:00

I have a friend with exactly one of those names!!

sonlypuppyfat Fri 22-Nov-13 15:05:15

I can only think of Seth from Emerdale Farm.

Pennypringles Fri 22-Nov-13 15:14:53

I love Seth as a crime writer! I was thinking more 18th century industrialist especially if we went for say Seth William. I'm quite happy with the Seth from Emmerdale connection too smile

DancingLady Fri 22-Nov-13 15:30:45

OOh Seth William Wild is really nice.

Arcadian Sat 23-Nov-13 16:13:34

Anything but Anne for Sally!

I love Seth William, and will suggest Sally Olive Wild smile

Ham69 Sat 23-Nov-13 16:23:25

Love the names and great surname (not at all biased!)

Sally Esther (if SEW's not a problem. Wouldn't bother me.)

Seth Wilbur Wild sounds cool to me.

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