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Opinion's on Heidi ?

(34 Posts)
Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 19:29:56

Heidi yah or nay ?

Jiltedjohnsjulie Thu 21-Nov-13 19:32:13

Lovely and, as yet, underused.

DrMcDreamysWife Thu 21-Nov-13 19:33:30

I love it. Our surname starts with a h and sort of rhymes with Heidi so it's a no for us but I love it!

AuntieStella Thu 21-Nov-13 19:34:58

It doesn't do it for me, but it's a perfectly good choice.

sonlypuppyfat Thu 21-Nov-13 19:36:34

Very nice and I am extremely opinionated on names.

Nospringflower Thu 21-Nov-13 19:36:57

Really like it.

curiousgeorgie Thu 21-Nov-13 19:40:27

It's not my favourite, I'm not keen on the Swiss boarding school image thing. Sorry blush

HarrietVaneAgain Thu 21-Nov-13 19:56:53

No a bit too Germanic and strident for my taste. How about Heather as the English equivalent?

Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 20:04:23

Thanks for replies glad there are positives the few people we have told have been less than keen on it,Heathers nice but is dh's cousins name thanks for the suggestion though we are finding it so difficult to find "the" name.

SlicedLemon Thu 21-Nov-13 20:12:13

Austrian girl running around the alps and making friends with goat herders

Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 20:16:58

I think i must be only person that hasn't seen that movie think I need to watch it.

VirtuallyReal Thu 21-Nov-13 20:21:06

Kerry Katona. Sorry.

HyvaPaiva Thu 21-Nov-13 20:22:38

I'm sorry but if Kerry Katona uses a name, it's automatically not for me. Sorry.

Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 20:23:13

Is Kerry Katona's daughter called Heidi ?? how did I not know this sad

VeniceQueen Thu 21-Nov-13 20:23:39

My DD2 is Heidi so it's a yes from me smile

Rockdoctor Thu 21-Nov-13 20:25:42

I like it. Also know a couple of Haidis - more unusual maybe and without the yodelling connotations

nowahousewife Thu 21-Nov-13 20:34:11

Thread title made me think you were asking for opinions on the book which I must say was one of my favourites as a child. My DD also loved it when she was younger.

As a name, it is lovely but I always thnk It suits blondes best.

Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 22:12:19

VeniceQueen good choice its lovely name. I like Haidi to. Ahh so there is a book I will defiantly have to read that, I agree it would suit blond best we have a back up name if she is dark haired ,DD is very blond but DH is very dark I am somewhere in between so could go either way. DD would have suited Heidi perfectly.

TallRedhead Thu 21-Nov-13 22:14:01

My 2 yr old Heidi is gorgeous! Everyone says what a lovely name. She is mousey brown - getting blonder but I still think it would be a lovely name if darker.

Do it!

Route666 Thu 21-Nov-13 22:20:09

TallRedhead It is by far my favorite name I think we will use it no matter what she looks like, Dd had red hair till she was 7 ish months old then went blond so no guarantees anyway. Now to find a middle name grin

parabelle Thu 21-Nov-13 22:20:22

It's a brilliant name, strong yet pretty. Go for it.

Allalonenow Thu 21-Nov-13 22:28:28

I love it, it's pretty, not over used, and the Heidi I know is clever, famous and lovely!

zatyaballerina Fri 22-Nov-13 00:13:55

I like it a lot, very pretty.

hulabaloo Fri 22-Nov-13 06:37:43

I don't like it at all, sorry.

IPreferCats Fri 22-Nov-13 06:45:19

I love it! DD has it as second name because hubby wasn't as keen but I was determined to have it somehow! I only know 1 Heidi and she is in her 30s and lovely.

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