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Arabesque1 Thu 21-Nov-13 15:40:14

I really like this name but it seems to be very much out of favour nowadays. I also like Susan. Just wondering what names you like that other people would probably consider boring or mumsy.

curiousgeorgie Sat 23-Nov-13 00:02:15

Jane will always be 'Plain Jane'

Arcadian Sat 23-Nov-13 02:10:28

Jane is great. Susan is terrible.

NadiaWadia Sat 23-Nov-13 02:12:40

There were loads of Janes at school with me (born 1960s) and my mother is also a Jane (born 1940s). It must have started losing popularity in the 70s, I'm guessing.

RaRa1988 Sat 23-Nov-13 19:02:29

One of my best friends (mid-20s) is a Jayne, and we went to school with a Jane of the same age. Both really suited their names.

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Sat 23-Nov-13 19:06:51

I really like Jane. We had Janey on our list for DD but went with another name.

I also really like Rebecca.

MrsBungleScare Sat 23-Nov-13 19:12:01

Jane, Susan, Alison, Ann - all names of my friends! Very 70's to me.

I do quite like the sound of the name jane.,

Thewhingingdefective Sat 23-Nov-13 19:13:09

I never much liked Jane, but in the past couple of years have grown to like it a lot.

My mum is a Susan (Sue) and I always thought that dull too, but would seriously consider it for a DD.

KateCroydon Sat 23-Nov-13 19:22:27

Love Jane.

ancientbuchanan Sat 23-Nov-13 19:27:33

I love Jane. Simple, classic, and you can add a frilly middle name.

But I also like the other variants, Jeanie, Johanna.

HoneyandRum Sat 23-Nov-13 19:47:45

I know a young family with children called Emma, Susan, Simon, Michael, John and Annie! All fine traditional names.

KrabbyPatty Sat 23-Nov-13 19:52:21

Jane is just meh, like Anne.

Susan is even worse.

JaquelineHyde Sat 23-Nov-13 19:57:21

My DD1 is Janey and I love it.

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 23-Nov-13 20:19:03

I have a very cool Aunt Jane too, I think it is a lovely name.

sandfrog Sat 23-Nov-13 20:30:07

Susan is a great name, Susie/Sue fine as nicknames too. I'd say it's due a revival.

chlo13 Wed 17-Jun-15 20:17:44

I love the name Jane, it is one of my favorites! It makes a great first name as well as a middle name. I only know one Jane, so it won't be too popular, but there are some Janes out there. It's found in many books (The Penderwicks, The Moffats, Half Magic, etc.) so she won't run out of book characters with her name! grin

FunkyPeacock Wed 17-Jun-15 20:23:10

I love Jane too
Lovely timeless name

Indantherene Wed 17-Jun-15 22:29:59

I had a boss called Jane, now in her late 50s. She told me she was named by her father and he picked "Jane Ann". She hates her name.

Indantherene Wed 17-Jun-15 22:31:23

Damn, another Zombie thread. WHY?????!!!!!!!

chaya5738 Wed 17-Jun-15 22:32:09

Why is chlo13 resurrecting zombie threads about the name Jane just to tell people she likes it!?

hawkmcqueen Wed 17-Jun-15 22:32:56

I have to say this name has really grown on me. I know a Jane and a Jayne and both are fabulous! Both in their 30s and both just so nice.

hawkmcqueen Wed 17-Jun-15 22:34:17

Doh death by zombie

Wearit Wed 17-Jun-15 22:44:14

I hate the connotation with the name, 'plain Jane' and this would put me off naming a DD as Jane. However, I think without this silly label it is such a beautiful name and it sounds like wind chimes and bells ringing IFYSWIM! I really like the name Janey too!

Wearit Wed 17-Jun-15 22:44:41

Susan too formal!

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 18-Jun-15 00:31:53

I think Jane might be the only j-name not used in ds class at school.
I probably wouldn't choose it, as I have memories of ex bf family called Jane. Not what I would want to remember every time I looked at my child.
But 'older' 'simple' 'classic' names seem to be making a comeback.

Quasilulu Thu 18-Jun-15 01:21:32

My grandmother's name. I like it but she called herself Jinny.

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