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Can't stick to a decision. Which of these?

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floatyflo Mon 18-Nov-13 12:38:04

Thought I had settled on Esmée. But now I find myself thinking about Esmarelda which I really do not like.

Which of these do you like best? Already have a boy named Noah.



Lola (love how it matches Noah, but is that a bit cheesey??)

Matilda (not sure it goes with the middle name we have chosen, but I really love the nn's Tilly and Mattie)

Be honest but kind! smile

jumperooo Mon 18-Nov-13 15:24:45


lljkk Mon 18-Nov-13 15:39:26

Esmee goes best with Noah.

floatyflo Mon 18-Nov-13 21:15:10

I'm keeping tally here. Keep the votes coming!

I like Evie jumperoo but it is verrry popular in my area. That's why I like Edith as it gives us the nn Edie which sounds similar smile

UriGeller Mon 18-Nov-13 21:17:17

Edith! Edie is lovely.

floatyflo Mon 18-Nov-13 21:19:23

Thanks Uri smile

LondonInHighHeeledBoots Mon 18-Nov-13 21:21:32

I love Edith, and really like Esme, but the pronunciations would wind me up at bit, and its a little cute for my taste.

Don't like Matilda or Lola.

floatyflo Mon 18-Nov-13 21:30:04

Edith/Edie is in the lead so far.
Anybody have Edie McCredie come to mind though? One thing that puts me off.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 18-Nov-13 21:34:55

As long as mcreadie isn't your surname then I think you are ok.

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