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Is Ivy getting popular?

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UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 18-Nov-13 10:00:21

Just that really...

Layl77 Mon 18-Nov-13 10:01:33

No, it isn't here. You may get a few but don't think it's becoming Evie or lily

Mintyy Mon 18-Nov-13 10:01:52

Yes. I have two near neighbours who have given their baby girl the name Ivy within the past 2 years.

OddBoots Mon 18-Nov-13 10:03:55

Relatively speaking, yes. [ link to graph]]

OddBoots Mon 18-Nov-13 10:04:16

oops, try again. link to graph

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 18-Nov-13 10:06:32


sandfrog Mon 18-Nov-13 10:06:46

I don't know any little Ivys.

stillhopefulforanother Mon 18-Nov-13 12:54:29

I've recently met an Ivy. It's the granny chic rage

PartPixie Mon 18-Nov-13 13:05:08

I have one, she's 3 months. Don't know, or know of any others. No one has said to me 'oh x's daughter is called that too.' Based on that I would say it isnt a unique or very different name but wouldn't say it is getting very popular. I hope it doesn't become really popular. I do love her name

ArtexMonkey Mon 18-Nov-13 13:10:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RevengeWiggle Mon 18-Nov-13 13:53:04

I've not met any of any age, it's a lovely name

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 18-Nov-13 15:23:45

I really like it,but I'm worried it'll become the next Lilly...The stats have certainly climbed fast.

EnidClowes Mon 18-Nov-13 16:38:47

Ivy is on our list too- am also worried its about to become really popular. It's such a lovely name.

Minty82 Mon 18-Nov-13 16:39:47

Never met one!

EnidClowes Mon 18-Nov-13 16:48:49

Should have said that I have no reason to think this as I've never met a single Ivy!

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 18-Nov-13 20:08:20

I know one, she's 4/5.

I like it.

SaucyJack Mon 18-Nov-13 20:12:24

I know a couple. I don't like it (if anyone cares)

I just think it's one of the Grandma names that should've been left in the nursing home.

SaucyJack Mon 18-Nov-13 20:13:19

Sorry PartPixie - just bothered to read full thread.

LemonBreeland Mon 18-Nov-13 20:14:14

I know two that have been born in the past 3 months.

PartPixie Mon 18-Nov-13 20:19:05

That's ok saucyjack I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but we love it smile

sydenhamhiller Mon 18-Nov-13 20:19:21

I don't know any (3 kids aged 9-1) and have been a childminder, so meet LOTS of different little ones at different groups.
My grandma was an Ivy - so I am quite partial to it. I quite liked it for my DD but DS worried about 'Poison Ivy'. I believe she may be a Marvel villain...

honeybeeridiculous Mon 18-Nov-13 20:48:03

I know 1 toddler called Ivy, very cute

grizzabellia Mon 18-Nov-13 21:21:31

I know one under one. I think it will get more popular but difficult to predict if it will end up in the top twenty arena. I think there are several things about it that make it likely to get popular - flower names, granny names and names beginning with I are quite in at the moment and it ticks all these boxes. I quite like it, although as a plant it isn't particularly attractive!

perplexedpirate Mon 18-Nov-13 21:25:00

DS would have been ivy if a girl. It's lovely, but definitely getting more popular.

telsa Mon 18-Nov-13 22:24:53

Never met one. My niece was going to be one 8 years ago, but the family went for Isobel instead. Wrong decision, IMHO. Great name.

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