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Martha, Eliza...

(32 Posts)
VirtuallyReal Mon 18-Nov-13 01:42:41

...or Clara.

Which would you go for? smile

shootingstar1234 Fri 22-Nov-13 22:57:26

Eliza, then Clara then Martha.
Eliza is on my list for future DD smile

RaRa1988 Sat 23-Nov-13 19:05:24

I think Eliza is beautiful smile. Clara sounds a bit clumsy to me - I think it's awkward to say somehow. And Martha's a bit old fashioned for my liking.

Woofsaidtheladybird Sat 23-Nov-13 19:10:09

We have a 4 year old Martha. I don't know any others. She suits it down to the ground. smile

MikeLitoris Sat 23-Nov-13 19:20:32

I have an Eliza and always get compliments.

I like Clara but am not too fussed on Martha.

Theas18 Sat 23-Nov-13 19:20:56


HoneyandRum Sat 23-Nov-13 20:41:55

I know an Eliza who is a piece of work - and she is a grown up. So no to Eliza. I think I like Martha best.

jenniferturkington Sat 23-Nov-13 21:08:09

Eliza is nice, nn Lizzy. I teach 3 Martha's, 1 Eliza and no Clara's (primary) .

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