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A sister for Tabitha

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lalouche Sat 16-Nov-13 21:40:39

Would naming her Martha be too matchy-matchy?!

ZeroTolerance Sat 16-Nov-13 22:05:23

No, they sound lovely together. They were both on my short list, along with Jemima - do you like that? If it helps, the only Tabitha I know has a sister called Claudia.

lalouche Sat 16-Nov-13 22:58:42

Ooh good, any other votes of confidence?smile

I do like Jemima but I'm actually not that keen on Beatrix Potter, so two daughters called Tabitha and Jemima might give the wrong impression grin.

halecromp Sat 16-Nov-13 23:06:28

I think Tabitha and Martha sound lovely together

HeyJudith Sat 16-Nov-13 23:10:44

I like Martha and it's definitely in the same vein, but I would always have wanted to be Tabitha as (IMO) it's prettier and the nn Tabby or Tabs is cute smile

How about Matilda (Tilly)? If you don't mind matchy-matchy you would then have a Tabby and Tilly which is really lovely, IMO smile

Agree that Jemima is a great match too. I didn't make the Beatrix Potter connection at all and I am a big fan!

fliedpiecatcher Sun 17-Nov-13 05:38:22

I like it. The Tabitha I know has a sister called Jessica.

Chottie Sun 17-Nov-13 06:33:48

Those two names sound great together.

Mandown Sun 17-Nov-13 11:20:13

They are both on my list (I'm due any day) and I think they sound lovely together x

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 17-Nov-13 12:10:09

I prefer Matilda to Martha but both lovely

lalouche Sun 17-Nov-13 13:33:40

Great! Nothing has been jumping out at me before but both dh and I are warming to this idea! Matilda's lovely too, but not so keen on the tabby/tilly combination.

greeneyes1978 Sun 17-Nov-13 15:43:33

I love Mabel and it isn't too popular still.

Anjou Mon 18-Nov-13 05:25:55

Love the name Tabitha! Matilda would be a great sibling name. How about ...


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