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We have a shortlist.

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nevergoogle Sun 10-Nov-13 18:36:48

We had a family vote excluding any name that DH and I didn't both like and let the kids throw in their preferences too.

3rd Baby.
No theme to DS's names, one scottish with gaelic spelling, one hippy nature name.
Last name is one of the star signs. V.




Wishfulmakeupping Sun 10-Nov-13 18:39:16

Edith by a country mile you best girl names it lovely
Like William and Ted if its a nn for Edward

13loki Sun 10-Nov-13 18:39:27

I love Iris and Orla and Tor.

ZenNudist Sun 10-Nov-13 18:40:46

Are nice.

Not that keen on most of your names sorry.

Could also live with daisy & Thomas, but bit overdone.

AndHarry Sun 10-Nov-13 18:41:41

Hester and William are my favourites. Is there one you would feel disappointed not to use?

JumpingJackSprat Sun 10-Nov-13 18:42:44

Love adelaide edith iris and orla. For the boys I like ramsey (reminds me of ramses) and your last four boysnames

BartBaby Sun 10-Nov-13 18:45:04

I was just reading the April thread and wondered what your shortlist was grin

I prefer Orla and William

Bakingtins Sun 10-Nov-13 18:45:53

Edith, Hester, Iris
Ted/Edward, Thomas, William.

IslaValargeone Sun 10-Nov-13 18:47:23

Elliot and I know you are not looking for suggestions but have you considered Orly?
How are you pronouncing Tamar?

nevergoogle Sun 10-Nov-13 19:04:35

There's none really that I couldn't live without.

Tamar is pronounced like the river (Tay-mar).

KateCroydon Sun 10-Nov-13 19:05:55

Amy or Thomas.

IslaValargeone Sun 10-Nov-13 19:07:02

Really like that.

nevergoogle Sun 10-Nov-13 19:07:20

Although I do really like Amy, just worry that it might be too plain.

Tikkamasala Sun 10-Nov-13 19:55:30

Iris is the nicest girls name, also like Amy Adelaide and daisy.

Boys definitely Elliott. Also like William Thomas, ted if the full Edward with ted as short version

Frikadellen Sun 10-Nov-13 20:23:50

I love Hester not keen on any of the boys names

Absolutely love Hester. Like Daisy and Edith. Really don't like Star, Adelaide, Delta or Tamar.

Love Ted as nn but not given name. Like Thomas and William. Really don't like Ramsay, Hunter, Sawyer and Tor.

Mattissy Sun 10-Nov-13 22:35:28

Edith or Hester, although I prefer Ester.

Only like William out of your boys.

miffybun73 Sun 10-Nov-13 22:38:12


Sunnysummer Sun 10-Nov-13 22:47:05

Love Adelaide, Edith, Hester, Iris and Orla.

Your boys names are less my style, but Ted as a nn for Theodore or Edward is awesome, Tor is cool and Thomas and William are classic. Hunter and Sawyer are so trendy right now that I think they will date badly (half the boys in mothers group are Cooper/Hunter/Archer etc - basically all the medieval occupations list).

Congratulations and good luck! smile

noodlebum Mon 11-Nov-13 13:09:56

Girls favourites:

Boys favourites:

Lubiloo Mon 11-Nov-13 14:08:47

Hester and Orla are lovely! Not keen on Tamar or Delta.

Elliot and Tor are great too! Don't like William (Willy!) or Ramsay, sorry.

nevergoogle Wed 13-Nov-13 00:07:35

I think I've managed to narrow down the girls names to Orla/Orlaith, Amy and Iris.

Mutteroo Wed 13-Nov-13 00:23:51

Orla is a beautiful name, Amy has been popular for many years, but I find it a little dull. Iris is on the up. I'm not over keen but then again its not my baby! I adore the name Ted for a boy, quite like it as a nn for Theodore. William has always been a favourite of mine too & if I had a DC3, it would have had William for either a first or middle name (nn Billy).

Congratulations OP!

phoolani Wed 13-Nov-13 00:29:13

Edith, iris, orla. Edith especially (big despicable me fan!). Not fond of any of the boys' names - sawyer at a push.

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Wed 13-Nov-13 00:30:35

I much prefer Aimee to Amy.

Also like Orla.

Boys - Ted or Elliot

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