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Jack Jones

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kaatieexox Sat 02-Nov-13 09:47:23

We are expecting our first baby boy in next few months. We are keen on Jack Alexander Jones but a lot of ppl have said its "mean" because of the cockney slang jack jones. Do you agree? I personally don't and think it is a good name but it's on my mind now!!

Spottybra Mon 04-Nov-13 10:58:05

My teenager shops there. Please don't.

nagynolonger Mon 04-Nov-13 10:56:41

Grandparents generation will think of Jack Jones the union leader. The cockney slang wouldn't spring to my mind even when other posters point it out.

I know a little Jack with the surname Daniels. I do think that's a bit odd. I wouldn't be put off by other's comments. If you like Jack Jones go for it.

delilah89 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:44:24

p.s. Don't think Alexander Jack Jones sounds half as good, sorry! Jack Jones is a brilliant, brilliant name. And you can call him JJ!

delilah89 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:43:16

I think it's really lovely -- and sounds like an interesting grown up name too.

kaatieexox Mon 04-Nov-13 08:50:13

I already have an Alexander in the family, but it does sound good. smile I'm keen on Ethan too but don't know if it goes with Jack.

Iwaswatchingthat Mon 04-Nov-13 07:11:14

Alexander Jack Jones sounds fab.

Why not just swap your names around?

Astarael Mon 04-Nov-13 07:06:55

It's the dad's army reference for me too pelvic (and I'm not old) grin

soontobeslendergirl Sun 03-Nov-13 23:14:27

Now I'm just worried he won't look like a Jack when he's born, did that happen to anyone?

Yup, we had a name more or less picked out for a boy and when he was born - it just looked wrong so we had to start all over again.

kaatieexox Sun 03-Nov-13 23:03:11

I never knew that Pat Malones was! Thanks for that smile

Jake? Zack? Jacques?

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 03-Nov-13 23:01:26

Jack Jones is lovely. Besides, I'm sure there are plenty of Pat Malones in the world and that's also slang for being on your own. smile

ZombieMonkeyButler Sun 03-Nov-13 22:59:38

My grandfather was called Jack Jones - I like it smile.

My DS1 is also called Jack (but not Jones).

kaatieexox Sun 03-Nov-13 22:56:29

Luckily no one has completely put me off which is good, was just playing on my mind more than anything! Now I'm just worried he won't look like a Jack when he's born, did that happen to anyone?

clary Sun 03-Nov-13 22:50:13

DS1 knows a Jack Jones.

It makes me smile (because I know the phrase "on your Jack Jones = on yr own) but not DS or any of his mates so I am sure it's fine if you like it.

I know a Sam Smith (as in the beer!) but again, no peers raise an eyebrow.

Jack v v popular tho. I teach 3 (secondary) which is pretty low actually - I teach a lot more Jakes/Jacobs and Joshes (six of each).

kaatieexox Sun 03-Nov-13 21:34:50

Thanks TruJay. We like JJ too and same I only know of one baby jack and he is 4.

TruJay Sun 03-Nov-13 17:11:26

I like Jack Jones, think it's cool! Also JJ as a nickname, I might be biased though my son's nickname is JayJay! Jack is a very popular name but to be fair I only know of 1 and he's 5. My son started pre-school this sep and there isn't one Jack in his class and they were none in any of his baby/toddler groups over the past few years

kaatieexox Sun 03-Nov-13 14:13:03

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm very keen on Marcus smile

jenniferturkington Sun 03-Nov-13 10:51:03

I also know a George Jones who is fab

jenniferturkington Sun 03-Nov-13 10:50:08

I quite like it actually, but I did think of the underpants range too!
How about Zac Jones?

getagoldtoof Sun 03-Nov-13 05:09:55

I wouldn't if you live anywhere near London. Jack Jones = on my own and always will for a Londoner, unfortunately as the name is lovely.

Chottie Sun 03-Nov-13 04:58:06

Sorry but a big no.

I know of someone who called their son Lee Cooper and to me this is similar.

WinterOfOurDiscontent Sun 03-Nov-13 04:49:29

I personally like it

squoosh Sun 03-Nov-13 04:44:03

It's a bit too Joe Bloggs for me.

BestIsWest Sat 02-Nov-13 23:33:55

I agree Telsa. One of my heroes. A fine name for a fine man.

soontobeslendergirl Sat 02-Nov-13 23:24:50


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