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Can't use Emily whilst...

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Alisvolatpropiis Mon 28-Oct-13 11:33:46

I have a dog called Milly can I?

I've shot myself in the foot naming that (lovely) dog.

Can't use Camilla now either.

<stamps foot>

I'm not even pregnant just slowing becoming aware I can't use certain names.

YDdraigGoch Mon 28-Oct-13 11:38:20

I think you're right, unless the dog dies in the meantime.

Never mind - lots more names to chose from! wink

MrsCharlieD Mon 28-Oct-13 11:46:08

We have cats called Lola and skyler and layla is on our list, which are all very similar. I say do what you want!

NotYoMomma Mon 28-Oct-13 12:36:43

I avoid this by naming animals after food stuffs :D

Girl339 Mon 28-Oct-13 22:08:17

My name's Emily and I've never ever been called Milly so I think you'd be fine smile

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