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Is Birdy usable?

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DitsyDonkey Wed 23-Oct-13 20:53:23

Just to note THIS NAME HAS HUGE SENTIMENTAL MEANING for me so please don't rip it apart as the person I would be using it after was just buried yesterday sad

I think it is beautiful and I do know of a little Birdy and it seems to work but I don't want to give a name either that would be super difficult to live with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

NotYoMomma Thu 24-Oct-13 11:38:19

my granny was Birdie but her full name was Susannah - she coukd just sing like a bird grin

I contemplated birdie too

BornToFolk Thu 24-Oct-13 11:44:22

I think it's a sweet old-fashioned name, along the lines of Queenie which I secretly love but could never use. I always use the test of "how would I feel walking into a new job and introducing myself with this name?" For me, Birdy doesn't pass that test.

So sorry for your loss.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 24-Oct-13 11:44:24

Sorry for your loss. I think using a name after a departed family member/friend is a lovely idea.

We were going to use my g.grandads name for one of our ds's, however it didnt/still.doesnt suit either of them so glad we didn't.

Having grown up with a very odd name myself I'd say middle name and call her Birdy but give her a different first name. My Ds's have 'normal top 100' first names then less common middle names.

BuntyPenfold Thu 24-Oct-13 11:48:02

Doesn't Avis and Ava mean a bird?

GillyBillyWilly Thu 24-Oct-13 11:50:06

I work with a lady called Burdy (yes with a U)... That's her real name. Thought it was weird at first but actually you get used to it!

MiaowTheCat Thu 24-Oct-13 13:46:40

I have a Robyn who gets called Birdie as a nickname.

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