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Orlaith vs Nuala

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nevergoogle Tue 22-Oct-13 21:04:43

Opinions on both Orlaith and Nuala please.

I'm scottish but DH and kids are not, which may be relevant.

squoosh Wed 23-Oct-13 11:16:50

Nora is more Irish Granny chic (if such a thing exists!), Nuala is more recent.

Nuala is a bit of a battle axe who'd tell your mother if she saw you snogging a boy at the bus stop, her best pals are Mary, Mary and Concepta, they take it turns to change the church flowers and all have the major hots for Father Murphy.

BunnyLebowski Wed 23-Oct-13 11:18:35

Don't forget Dympna and Fidelma grin grin

plummyjam Wed 23-Oct-13 11:20:12

Don't go for Orfhlaith. Her nickname will be Orf which is also a skin condition that afflicts abbatoir workers.

plummyjam Wed 23-Oct-13 11:20:29

I like Orla though smile

squoosh Wed 23-Oct-13 11:20:37

Oh God yes, Dymphna and Fidelma! Those two cows think they're a cut above. They got to have tea with Fr Murphy in his parish house, Nuala and all the Marys were bloody fuming!

nevergoogle Wed 23-Oct-13 12:08:34

DH can't say Orlaith. <sigh> I give up.

Hope i'm having a boy now. Girls names are killing me.

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Wed 23-Oct-13 12:51:50

What does he say? Does it turn into Or-ler?

nevergoogle Wed 23-Oct-13 12:55:17

orlayTH. twat.

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Wed 23-Oct-13 12:56:52

Oh dear. Sort of proved my concern earlier in the thread though didn't he wink.

Is the Orla spelling totally out for you? It does get mangled to Or-ler in some accents, but depends on your area maybe?

Zoway Wed 23-Oct-13 12:59:52

Dont go mad with the spelling. Im in ireland. Only know adult orlas and young orlaiths (and other spelli gs)
Nuala is grim.

Gooseysgirl Wed 23-Oct-13 13:08:04

How about Finola instead if Nuala? I probably wouldn't use Orlaith outside of Ireland. We went thru the same saga with DD... I wanted Aoibhínn (Eve-een) but we decided the spelling/pronunciation would cause too many problems. In the end I compromised by having and English first name and Irish middle name (Máire). We are due DS at the end of Nov and I am v keen to call him Eoin (Owen)... seeing as it's a short spelling I'm hoping to win this time wink

MerryMarigold Wed 23-Oct-13 13:12:20

Finola has to be Granola's twin sister!

sonlypuppyfat Wed 23-Oct-13 13:15:47

Never heard of either of them before, and you'll never get a mug with them on.

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Wed 23-Oct-13 13:27:24

Yeah you will, well definitely with Orla. You just need to go to Ireland. It's on every single display of named stuff over there. It was one of the names on the coke bottles even.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 23-Oct-13 13:33:59

My DCs have Welsh names and even in Wales I can't get anything!!

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Wed 23-Oct-13 13:34:59

I have a name that is never on mugs. I feel their pain! Good thing you can do it all online now and have any name you like!

sonlypuppyfat Wed 23-Oct-13 13:39:17

shock I'm going to look into that!

nevergoogle Wed 23-Oct-13 14:30:01

Good! I hate shitty mugs, placemats and keyrings with my name on it.
Nevergoogle is kind and full of patience, NO I'M NOT!

nevergoogle Wed 23-Oct-13 14:30:55

Thinking of it, none of my children have names you can buy stuff with it written on.

Zoway Wed 23-Oct-13 15:23:13

U will get pens and lunch boxes with orla on them! Have seen them.
Nuala? On a tea towel at christ churc cathedral maybe :-p ;-)

Stokes Wed 23-Oct-13 19:24:59

I like Orla, but check your happy with how your DH and his family pronounce it - in some English accents it would either become Orler or Awla, which you may find annoying (ok, I would find annoying!).

Agree with Nuala being yer mammy's friend.

Frontdoorstep Wed 23-Oct-13 20:35:33

I'm Scottish and wouldnt know how to pronounce either of these names.

mathanxiety Thu 24-Oct-13 04:12:42

I agree with you BunnyLebowski. I now several little Noras and a few young teens too. I really like it.

However, I don't know any little Nualas. Fionnuala yes, and Finola too. And two Nolas. Christ Church cathedral is one place you are not likely to find Nuala-related items.

You'll find all kinds of tat with Orla emblazoned on it. The English pronunciation of the name would put me off using it now that Stokes mentions it.

Zoway Thu 24-Oct-13 12:59:04

Same here! I know two Norahs in the 4-7 age range but I know no Nualas.

Nuala is quite pretty if you just listen to the sound, but..... NO. sorry. I need more time!

JoJoManon Fri 25-Oct-13 15:16:28

In Ireland, Nuala is an oul wans name. Who doesn't have an Auntie Nuala (ok I don't but that's by the by). I prefer Orla, know loads of them, v common in Ireland. Orlagh is another common spelling.

As a paddy living in the UK, I'd be very slow to give my child an Irish name because I don't fancy them having to spend their lives spelling and pronouncing it. So out go names like Roisin and Aoibheann, both of which I love. Damn. Well no one did force me to marry an Englishman!

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