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Samuel or Arthur?

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SadPander Sun 13-Oct-13 18:43:58

DH and I are at deadlock here - Samuel or Arthur? My issue with Samuel is that I tend to think of Sam as a girls name, and also I'd like Stanley as a middle name (for sentimental reasons). Samuel Stanley?? Hmm not sure that goes.

DH says that Arthur sounds too posh and pretentious and also has potential for nicknames including the word farty!

I don't think he's going to come around to Arthur, so think I need to try and let Samuel grow on me, but would appreciate oppinions either way!

Mutteroo Fri 18-Oct-13 01:34:26

Adore the name Arthur, don't really like Samuel but that's because I know so many of them & not one of them is very nice. (All teens struggling with hormones & angst).
DH vetoed Stanley. Really wanted this as DS's middle name & don't consider it posh.

Other choices:
Freddie (Frederick, Alfred)
Daniel (Why I like Daniel but not Samuel is beyond me?)
Albert (Al, Albie, Berty)

All the above would sound great with the middle name of Stanley!

marthabear Fri 18-Oct-13 01:46:28

Adore Arthur too. Samuel seems a comparison, in my opinion.

SadPander Fri 18-Oct-13 13:52:18

I know, that is exactly how I feel. I like Samuel, but feel a little sad at using it in comparison to Arthur. I like Theodore too but getting DH to agree to anything is a nightmare!

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