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Nicknames for Natasha

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Mim78 Tue 15-Oct-13 20:30:03

Sasha can be used as short for Natasha (as mentioned on another thread, I think Barack Obama's daughter Sasha is called Natasha).

devonsmummy Tue 15-Oct-13 18:22:08

The only Natasha I know it called Tatty.

Caitycat Tue 15-Oct-13 18:18:19

A friend of mine is Nattie

moominleigh94 Tue 15-Oct-13 18:13:16

My sister is Natasha and her football coach used to call her Tish, if that's any help? hmm wink

Spanishomelette Sun 13-Oct-13 21:33:18

Thanks for the posts everyone. I hadn't realised that Natasha was a derivative of Natalia. I actually really like the nn Tali / Tally that has been suggested so this has got me thinking this nn could work better with Natalia as the full name anyway.

I'm still very keen on Anya and Thea too though...

kirstyd1 Sun 13-Oct-13 19:29:14

I know a Natasha and everyone calls her "tat"

Ham69 Sun 13-Oct-13 11:15:36

I love Anya and Thea. Not so keen on Natasha with the inevitable 'Tash'. Natalia, as suggested up thread, seems to fit your criteria? And has much nicer nn's IMO.
Good luck op.

AnnaBegins Sun 13-Oct-13 09:31:44

Natasha is short for Natalia already, from russian. You can shorten further to Nastia but probably not the best for at school!

BlueStarsAtNight Sun 13-Oct-13 09:19:29

I like Tatty as a nn for Natasha! Also love Anya, but I'm not really keen on Thea or Juliet.

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 13-Oct-13 08:37:40

Prefer your other names esp Thea

yeghoulsandlittledevils Sun 13-Oct-13 08:32:54

Nick names often follow the local pattern. Around here, she would be 'Nae'(nay). Some places, she would be Nazza.

Dancealot Sun 13-Oct-13 08:03:07

I knew a Natasha. We called her Tish or Tisha at school. Lovely name.

SPBisResisting Sun 13-Oct-13 08:02:03

The one we know gets Nash, Tash and Tasha

meditrina Sun 13-Oct-13 08:00:43

As it's a nn anyhow, could you label her with the long form? Then you can use Natasha as the day to day nn, plus an even shorter pet form taken from the original - eg Tally?

yeghoulsandlittledevils Sun 13-Oct-13 07:58:29

As you have a foreign last name, are there nn for Natasha used in that language/culture/countries which you like?

I love the name Anya. Thea can be hard for many young children to pronounce. Personally I am not keen on the name Juliet. (Never have liked names from literature where the namesake took their own life!)

sonniebonnie Sun 13-Oct-13 07:49:35

Natasha is lovely. I wouldn't shorten it at all, although you won't have control over what her friends call her.

Spanishomelette Sun 13-Oct-13 07:26:40

We are considering the name Natasha for our likely dd due in Feb (couldn't be 100% sure at the scan!). It is a name I have liked for a long time and would go nicely with our foreign (slightly exotic sounding) surname. The only thing is I'm not hugely keen on the obvious nicknames that my un-imaginative mind defaults to; i.e. Tash, Tasha and Nat. Does anyone have any other suggestions that would work?

By the way, other names that we are considering are:
Juliet (not sure if this is a passing love for me as I have only recently come to like it whereas the other 3 names I have loved for years!)

Feel free to feedback on these 3 names too...

Thanks in advance!

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