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lljkk Sat 12-Oct-13 10:53:04

I have a common name with weird spelling. But I chose it, iyswim.

Onesleeptillwembley Sat 12-Oct-13 10:46:13

With the extra 'I' for a bit more class and to show you're yoonik.

TheNunsOfGavarone Sat 12-Oct-13 10:39:46

No, it's awful and she'll be having to spell it EVERY time anyone asks. Stick to Chelsea.

Agree with whoever said Chelceii looks like a fierce tribe of ancient Britons. How about Iceni? It's the real thing and easier to spell smile

Onesleeptillwembley Sat 12-Oct-13 09:44:47

Your bubba your roolz, hun.

Juuhyt Sat 12-Oct-13 09:41:29

Go for it Hun, it's a gawjus name. Lol.

Layl77 Sat 12-Oct-13 09:41:05

It's gorgeous, so classy

AntoinetteCosway Sat 12-Oct-13 09:40:21

What about ghellsee?

I mean yours is beautiful. But just to really be original, stick a g on...

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 12-Oct-13 09:38:02


comewinewithmoi Sat 12-Oct-13 09:34:38


Tiredemma Sat 12-Oct-13 09:33:43

Do you think its needs another l and a hyphen?

Like this


very 'continental' looking.

No one would think you are named after a London Borough

Hawkmoth Sat 12-Oct-13 09:32:06

Yes it does need another 'l'...

heidihole Sat 12-Oct-13 09:29:09

I prefer

Towah Hamlettss

AuntieStella Sat 12-Oct-13 09:25:01

Looks like the name of a fierce tribe of Ancient Brits....

UriGHOULer Sat 12-Oct-13 09:24:28

I love it. Go on. When I see Chelsea I always think of the Chelsea Hotel song "giving me head on the unmade bed"

classy name, but why not Ch' Ellecii?

thistlelicker Sat 12-Oct-13 09:24:07

Looks like auto correct
Gone wrong !!

Tiredemma Sat 12-Oct-13 09:23:28

You sure its a Big Fat No?

Nobody impressed by the clever usage of 'new' letters to make up the word?

NickNacks Sat 12-Oct-13 09:19:40


DefiniteMaybe Sat 12-Oct-13 09:19:24


pollypocket99 Sat 12-Oct-13 09:19:17

No. Just no confused

Tiredemma Sat 12-Oct-13 09:18:15

Instead of 'Chelsea'.

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