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What name goes with Polly?

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Phoebe47 Tue 08-Oct-13 10:13:36

Just that really. I have a three year old daughter called Polly. I love her name and it really suits her. DD2 is due in three weeks and DH and I are really struggling to decide on a name. Names I like are Nina and Isla and DH likes both these names (prefers Nina as he thinks it is less popular than Isla) but also likes Rosie and Anna. I like his choices too but we are both unsure which of these names fits with DD1's name. Maybe that doesn't matter? Opinions welcomed.

moominsville Tue 08-Oct-13 10:22:39


moominsville Tue 08-Oct-13 10:23:35

.....I think they all go well with Polly.

Phoebe47 Tue 08-Oct-13 10:48:01

Thanks for the replies. We are going to eliminate Isla from the list as there are three Isla's at the toddler group I go to with DD1 so seems quite popular. I want to eliminate Rosie too (I like it but don't think it fits that well with Polly) and DH has gone off it a bit. I am veering towards Nina at the moment and DH seems quite keen on the name now. He really likes Anna but we both now agree that we won't use it as we can see them getting a combined nickname of Pollyanna which would be awful.

Coupon Tue 08-Oct-13 11:05:49


MortifiedAdams Tue 08-Oct-13 11:07:47

Dont go for Anna - Polly Anna!

I like Nina from your names, can also suggest Erin.

CarriMarie Tue 08-Oct-13 13:40:37

Nina goes well with Polly.

comfyonesie2 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:26:49

Nina's a great name & goes well with Polly.

KLou1105 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:54:14

Polly is on my list but DH does not like:-( I love Polly and Anna :-) i agree Isla is becoming very popular where I am too! what about nancy? X

FobblyWoof Tue 08-Oct-13 17:28:49

I've been thinking about the name Polly as it goes well with our dd's name- Alice

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 08-Oct-13 19:15:17

My friend has twin daughters called Polly and Olivia, shortened to Livvy. It's a nice combo I think!

Clawdy Tue 08-Oct-13 19:23:26

May is lovely and sounds right with Polly. Both names I love.

sleepingbeautiful Tue 08-Oct-13 20:09:02

No, not Anna. The Pollyanna thing would happen all the time.

Polly and Nancy
Polly and Ruth
Polly and Harriet (Hattie)
Polly and Susanna
Polly and Lucy
Polly and Flora
Polly and Edith

ChickenLickenSticken Tue 08-Oct-13 21:08:33


elcranko Tue 08-Oct-13 21:11:09

What about Annie rather than Anna?

NurseRatchet Tue 08-Oct-13 21:12:49


BlueStarsAtNight Wed 09-Oct-13 06:41:46

I think Nina goes well. Love the suggestion of Rosa up the thread though, that sounds perfect with Polly.

cherrytomato40 Fri 11-Oct-13 20:16:36

Polly and Tess?

notagiraffe Fri 11-Oct-13 20:31:03

Agree Rosa is beautiful.
Isla and Nina are nice.
Maddie? (Madeleine)
Bella (Isobel)

RalphtheTimid Fri 11-Oct-13 20:58:08

Polly and Dinah

candycoatedwaterdrops Sat 12-Oct-13 17:23:31

I think Polly and Sylvie sound lovely together.

everlong Sat 12-Oct-13 21:24:49

Alice or Juliet.

idiot55 Sat 12-Oct-13 21:26:11

Nina is lovely.

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