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Middle names for Margo and Libby

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youngandpregnant Mon 23-Sep-13 17:10:57

Hello mumsnet! I'm in need of girl middle names for my twins Margo and Libby they're due on January 1st.

Mumblyboo Mon 23-Sep-13 17:42:57

Margot Ruby & Elizabeth Pearl.... Libby is a diminutive of Elizabeth and I promise you will be grateful you gave her a long name in the future.... I called my eldest Ellie rather than Eleanor and regret it now despite still living Ellie as a name.... Xx

Mumblyboo Mon 23-Sep-13 17:43:33


youngandpregnant Mon 23-Sep-13 17:52:42

Im going to still call them Margo and Libby, I find them more pretty rather than Margrot and Elizabeth. But I love Margo Ruby and Libby Pearl though :-) and my older sister who is 21 is Rosie Ruth & she loves her name

JacqueslePeacock Mon 23-Sep-13 18:11:43

Lovely names! But the name pronounced "Margo" is spelt "Margot", isn't it? confused

youngandpregnant Mon 23-Sep-13 18:29:15

I'm not sure, I've never really liked Margrot and Elizabeth, I find them to common.

TallulahBetty Mon 23-Sep-13 18:41:02

Don't have longer names if you don't want them. I know a little Libby that is "just" Libby. You choose the name YOU want smile

MerryMarigold Mon 23-Sep-13 18:46:54

Margo May and Libby Leonie
Margo Fay and Libby Kate

Congrats on twins! I have twins and they're brill. If I err you, for a middle name I would pick something with a meaning, either a family name or something which means something. With ours, we got dh's parents to give one middle name and my parents the other. Twins are nearly 5 and remember that out was their grandparents who gave those names.

MerryMarigold Mon 23-Sep-13 18:48:45

Is Jan 1 your 40 week date or 37 week date?

lighthousesea Mon 23-Sep-13 18:51:15

Margot is spelt with a t.

I like margot rose

Can't think if a middle name for Libby sorry!

lighthousesea Mon 23-Sep-13 18:51:48

Libby May?

Quangle Mon 23-Sep-13 18:53:52

Margo or Margot. Margo Leadbetter didn't have a T and she is a great role model (I have a Margot and like the other spelling too)

BellaOfTheBalls Mon 23-Sep-13 18:57:33

Margot is spelled with a 'T' at the end. Please reconsider Elizabeth as a first name with Libby as a NN, but if you insist...

Margot Grace
Margot Lily
Margot Rose
Margot Louise
Margot Amelia
Margot Eliza
Margot Olivia

Libby Anne
Libby Rose
Libby Faith
Libby Florence
Libby Grace

TooTryHard Mon 23-Sep-13 19:55:48

Margot means Pearl.

Maybe you could give Margot a surname that means Libby or another Elizabeth diminutive as a link to each other.

Margo Bess?

How are Margot and Elizabeth common btw? Ubiquitous or the dreaded chav? ;).

Artandco Mon 23-Sep-13 20:09:12

Yes 'margo' def has a 't' on the end, it's just not pronounced.

Margot seraphine
Margot dahlia

Libby Theodora
Libby Juliana

I don't think Libby is really a full name either though. If you don't like Elizabeth what about liberty? Nickname Libby. Liberty and Margot work

AlansCatalanCat Mon 23-Sep-13 20:22:14

Libby will make people think of tinned food. By all means call her Libby but give her the full name of Elizabeth on her BC so that she will have some choice. It will be her name, not yours, so be considerate.

SKYTVADDICT Mon 23-Sep-13 20:26:44

I have a Libby who is 17 and has changed the spelling to Libbie (sigh). Her middle name is Elise which I stupidly didn't know was the French short form of Elizabeth (double sigh). Margot Elise sounds nice though

CordeliaRose Mon 23-Sep-13 20:45:59

Margo Alice
Margo Alexandra
Margo Elise
Margo Imogen
Margo Louise
Margo Kate
Margo Rosalind

Libby Anne
Libby Claire
Libby Grace
Libby Helen
Libby Jane
Libby Joy
Libby Rachel

Iwaswatchingthat Mon 23-Sep-13 20:49:04

Margot Emilia

Libby Alice

Andanotherthing123 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:59:08

Margo and Libby are lovely names and go together beautifully. I see no reason to go with any other version of those names as they are lovely in themselves. I can't see any point giving Elizabeth as a full name which your daughter may never use or be known by. Libby doesn't make me think of tinned food (?) and you ARE being considerate of your daughters by giving them beautiful names you love.

Iwaswatchingthat Mon 23-Sep-13 21:05:47

I agree - gorgeous names OP.

What about Margot May?
And Libby Grace

MortifiedAdams Mon 23-Sep-13 21:07:00

Margot Theresa

Libbi Leoni

Smugfearnleyshittingstool Mon 23-Sep-13 21:10:47

My Libby is liberty Alice .... She's 12 1/2

Margot Jane is pretty

Stat Mon 23-Sep-13 21:25:47

I think of Libby as a name in it's own right, in fact it has never even occurred to me that it is a nickname for Elizabeth or any other name.

Libby Annalise
Libby Lucia
Libby Louisa
Libby Ramona
Libby Francesca
Libby Renee

Margo Matilda
Margo Layla
Margo Jessica

MaMcGonagall Sat 28-Sep-13 11:14:16

Margo is regularly spelt without the 't' in Scotland
[sporran emoticon]

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