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Claudia vs. Elizabeth

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CruCru Sun 22-Sep-13 18:54:19

What do you think?

CruCru Sun 22-Sep-13 18:57:09

I've bored on here about names quite a bit but am nearly at 38 weeks so nearly there.

Was quite fixed on Claudia but DH has also reminded me that I have also been very keen on Elizabeth.

We have a DS called Henry.

SatinSandals Sun 22-Sep-13 19:02:20

Elizabeth, not only is it lovely but it goes much better with Henry.

daughterofafarmer Sun 22-Sep-13 19:39:22

Oh tough..both lovely.

Claudia Elizabeth is stunning. But I live Lizzie or Izzy for Elizabeth.

TortillasAndChocolate Sun 22-Sep-13 19:49:38

Both lovely but I especially love Claudia. I never even thought of this name when I was pregnant and if it wasn't for the fact I had a boy, I would be kicking myself now!!

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 22-Sep-13 19:58:10


Claudia is awful imo. I have a completely irrational hatred for it.

Yika Sun 22-Sep-13 20:02:49

Both lovely but Elizabeth has the edge because it's so versatile - so many short forms, fits any profession or class, internationally recognisable, etc etc - and yet not wildly overused.

AnLeanbh Sun 22-Sep-13 20:05:06

Elizabeth.Have one!Had Claudia on my list also and am glad we chose Elizabeth in the end as we love it.

NomDeClavier Sun 22-Sep-13 20:08:43

I also think Elizabeth to go with Henry, but I do like Claudia too.

HeyJudith Sun 22-Sep-13 20:15:34

Only choose Elizabeth if you also love Liz or Lizzy because it's likely you will be the only ones to call her Elizabeth!

Cassieyellow Sun 22-Sep-13 21:07:28

I like Claudia but not sure if I'll get frustrated with some saying Claw dia and others clou dia. If that helps at all ?!

CruCru Sun 22-Sep-13 21:20:58

Well, I like Lizzie but not Liz so much. Do you think Henry and Elizabeth is a bit too Tudor?

JumpingJetFlash Sun 22-Sep-13 21:33:24

Elizabeth is definitely the better out of the two - although I may be biased as I have one :-) Contrary to what a prev poster says everyone calls her Elizabeth and occasionally Beth - no one calls her Liz or Lizzy. I love the name and think it's so versatile!

InStyle Mon 23-Sep-13 05:41:44

Claudia Elizabeth? Beautiful. I do love Elizabeth but I fear you'd eventually be the only people calling her that. Bit like poor Liz Hurley - forever reminding us her name is Elizabeth, yet the world insists on calling her Liz!

Vijac Mon 23-Sep-13 05:50:54

I like both but prefer Elizabeth.

Sammie101 Mon 23-Sep-13 06:36:10

Elizabeth! But then again I'm biased because my little girl is Elizabeth grin and she does get called that by some people even though me and her dad nearly always refer to her as Libby

Plus you can shorten it to so many different names, liz, lizzie, Libby, Beth, Elle, Eliza, izzie, effie etc etc

saintmerryweather Mon 23-Sep-13 06:43:45

there are far too many elizabeths around, i would go for claudia

StuckOnARollercoaster Mon 23-Sep-13 06:49:13

I prefer Elizabeth (was on my list) because I like Beth.
Claudia is ok and inoffensive but I find it harder to picture a little Claudia than a little Beth.

sleepywombat Mon 23-Sep-13 06:55:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alarkthatcouldpray Mon 23-Sep-13 07:00:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CostaLady Mon 23-Sep-13 07:21:12

Elizabeth, but I am biased because I am a Beth.

pygmy Mon 23-Sep-13 08:32:46


CruCru Mon 23-Sep-13 10:23:10

Hmmm. Looks like a 50/50 split. At least we whittled it down to 2 (from about 30).

The middle name will probably be Anne. If we go with Elizabeth, the initials will be EAR and if Claudia it will be CAR.

valiumredhead Mon 23-Sep-13 14:34:29

I was never keen on Claudia tbh and then read on here last week it's Latin for 'lame' our something. On that basis, definitely Elizabeth which is a lovely name.

emmyloo2 Tue 24-Sep-13 08:49:45

I like both and we had Elizabeth top on our list for my DD who is 17 weeks old. We went with something else. I think Elizabeth goes with Henry a little better and has fabulous nicknames. However, Claudia is more unusual and I think it is a stunning name for a young woman. I always imagine a Claudia to be beautiful. So I would go with Claudia. Now wishing we had given it more thought! (Although I love my daughter's name).

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