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juniper9 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:11:49

Both my DP and I really like this name (although my mum helpfully added 'of Mann') but it seems to be really popular at the moment. The September antenatal thread has at least 5 Islas or variants of, and it's number 5 or so in the name charts.

Does it really matter if my baby has a very common name? I don't really want there to be 4 little Islas in my child's class, but is this actually likely?

So my questions are:
1) how popular really is Isla? Do you know many?
2) what's it like to have a child with a popular name?

I'm 38+4 with PFB, if that isn't obvious already!

seventiesgirl Fri 20-Sep-13 22:28:12

No-one's mentioned Isla St Clair. Showing my age here.....

I think it's a lovely name, don't know anyone with the name but if it was popular in my area I'd avoid it.

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