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Please as many opinions as possible!

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Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:16:30

My husband and I are struggling with names so we have we want to see what you guys think... Please tell us your favourite!
Genevive rose
Penelope rose
Camilla rose
Francessca rose
Catherine rose
Elizabeth rose
Vivienne rose
Olive rose

Please please help us, every vote helps! Thanks ladies!!!

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:17:02

That was olivia rose oops

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 15-Sep-13 21:20:28

Love them all except not keen on genevive or Penelope.
If I had to just pick one? Vivienne Rose stands out the most I think I'd go with that

mrsmindcontrol Sun 15-Sep-13 21:21:28

Oh, was just about to say the only one I liked was Olive, and see you changed that to Olivia.
So, sorry, I really don't like any of them. All way too flowery & wishy washy for me.

MrsBungle Sun 15-Sep-13 21:21:33

Vivienne for sure.

magicstars Sun 15-Sep-13 21:22:57

I was gonna vote Olive! Camilla 2nd fav.

Cohenite Sun 15-Sep-13 21:24:05

Catherine Rose smile

jkklpu Sun 15-Sep-13 21:25:46

Vivienne, but I'm afraid I don't like Rose, which it seems almost everyone wants as a middle name

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:25:53

I like olive but my grind just called her dog that so I can't really use it

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 15-Sep-13 21:26:33

Penelope, Catherine or Elizabeth.

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:27:43

The other middle name we have is Jane but it doesn't go with all the names so we just put rose, we think of a middle name as more of a 'bridge' into the last name

Hassled Sun 15-Sep-13 21:28:03

I think it's spelled Genevieve - you're missing an e there.

They're all really pretty names, with the possible exception of Olive (I'm old, and I associate it with Popeye). Would struggle to say a favourite - maybe Francesca?

Hassled Sun 15-Sep-13 21:28:36

Sorry - I see it's Olivia. Another nice name. You have good taste.

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:29:34

Lol typo on my iPhone, I Have swollen fingers these days! Lol

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 21:29:56

friends daughter is Olivia Rose - Italian dad, English mum perfect!

and it is our possible choice should we have another DD one day!wink

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 21:30:25

I like Vivienne too

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:31:54

That's interesting, there are quite a few Vivienne's, I thought I would be alone on that one :-)

AlwaysWashing Sun 15-Sep-13 21:32:51

I love Camilla, Rose or Jane work though I think Jane slightly more so.
All nice though grin

AlwaysWashing Sun 15-Sep-13 21:33:17

grin even!!!

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:34:43

Does anyone else find that nicknames put them off a beautiful name? How do you deal with it? Hubby and I are so confused! Lol

Catherine, Elizabeth or Vivienne - all gorgeous. Prefer Jane to Rose. Claire would work as a 'bridge' too, but not with Catherine.

peppapigmustdie Sun 15-Sep-13 21:37:30

In order, Vivienne, Elizabeth then Catherine.
Would you be willing to swap them around at all?

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:38:04

Thanks, I like Claire, I will put it to DH :-)

Tweediewalker Sun 15-Sep-13 21:39:58

I am willing to try anything, we want her to have a feminine timeless but its hard! Lol

Karbea Sun 15-Sep-13 21:52:10

I like Francesca, the others aren't really my cup of tea.

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