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Tyler for boy

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babynelly2010 Thu 29-Aug-13 15:39:24

What does everyone think of it?
I like the name but never met anyone with it.

pilates Fri 30-Aug-13 09:05:16

No sorry not for me but if you love it go for it.

MrsDeVere Fri 30-Aug-13 09:08:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5madthings Fri 30-Aug-13 09:08:39

its a name that i neither like nor dislike. a.bit like johnathon or many other names it doesnt make me think 'ooh i like that' but i dont dislike it either.

i know a few tylers, all older children/teens. i havent heard any little ones called it recently.

Tea1Sugar Fri 30-Aug-13 09:18:23

Hate it. Sorry.

blueshoes Fri 30-Aug-13 10:24:29

lljkk, I believe the list you linked to are Americans named Tyler.

I have sure it is perfectly fine in the US but importing those names into the UK brings with it certain connotations that appeal to only certain sections of UK society. Which partly explains the stereotype associated with that name.

TobyLerone Fri 30-Aug-13 13:11:46

And sometimes the connotations are completely the opposite. Tyler might be a 'posh' name in the US. And I was surprised to learn that Tristan is a trailer trash name in the US.

MrsBucketxx Fri 30-Aug-13 13:14:31

I have a very chavvy cousin with that name. Says it all really

My advice would be don't I'd hate my dc to have that sort of connotations to a name

burberryqueen Fri 30-Aug-13 13:16:28

it's a surname. end of.

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 30-Aug-13 13:28:11

erm no it doesnt actually "say it all really" MrsBucketxx

It says that you know one person with that name that you think is "chavvy"

Not that everyone with that name is

Rhubarbgarden Fri 30-Aug-13 14:05:52

Not my cup of tea.

MrsDeVere Fri 30-Aug-13 15:40:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 15:42:25

Tyler is a horrible name,

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 30-Aug-13 15:47:17

Dear god almighty this is why I stay out of this topic.

You do realise these are people's actual names don't you?

If you like a name, use it. If not, don't.

Posting what a horrible name it is....what's the point?

You can't just say "I wouldn't choose that name"
Nope. It has to be chavvy and horrible and common.

MrsDeVere Fri 30-Aug-13 15:52:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 30-Aug-13 17:35:22

Not my style but it's a perfectly fine name.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 17:41:30

Hang on! The OP asked what people thought of it. I think it's horrible. I also think many other names are horrible - Olive, Yolanda, Jason, Crispin...I could go on.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 17:42:48

And fwiw I don't see the name as 'common' whatever the heck that means!

HamletsSister Fri 30-Aug-13 17:44:17

Teacher here. Tyler is a naughty boy name!

rubyslippers Fri 30-Aug-13 17:46:32

this is the only name test you should use

do you like it?

yes = use it

no = don't use it

usualsuspect Fri 30-Aug-13 18:24:43

If KH doesn't like it, then definitely use it.

We all know what a stuck up idiot she is.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 18:25:31

Oh Hamlet. You will be flamed for that remark.....! I too am a teacher but you will be told off for being prejudiced against non middle class names.

MrsDeVere Fri 30-Aug-13 18:38:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 19:57:47

Do you think teachers should make up their minds about children based on their names then little?

Where on earth did I say that?! I was merely informing Hamlet that she was about to be flamed for her remark which (predictably enough) you have just done. I know this happens because it happened recently on another name thread where another teacher (not me btw before you clutch your pearls) said that she would sit a child with a particular name at the front of the class! The phrase I used was from that thread.

People DO judge on names like it or not and Hamlet and others have demonstrated this.

I do hope neither of you work in East London. I don't want my children being taught by such narrow minded people

Thanks for that uncalled for remark. Luckily I teach in a beautiful independent school in a very beautiful part of the country (ie not East London) so your precious darlings will never meet me. Can't say the same for Hamlet however....wink

toobreathless Fri 30-Aug-13 20:06:24

Well I wouldn't use it (but my surname is Taylor grin )

Would I judge a child with it? No.

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 30-Aug-13 20:23:55

Tyler is a naughty boy name?

Thank god you don't teach at my ds1 school.

He is president of the student council, a peer mentor, part of the gifted and talented program, and predicted As across the board in year 11.

But hey...he's called Tyler. He must be naughty.

Are you actually reading the utter drivel you are writing?

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