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Vote for your favourite please!

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Ohcrapwhathaveidone Mon 26-Aug-13 22:28:13

I need help in narrowing down a name for DC2, due in 4wks. I have a DD called Lucia.

Here's our short list please let me know your favourite.....


Annabelle or Annabella



Also grateful for any new suggestions! Thanks.

MummyBeerest Tue 27-Aug-13 01:37:19

Serena and Jude, they go well with Lucia.

SkylerRose Tue 27-Aug-13 01:39:27

Serena / phoebe
What about tobias (Toby) / jessen

TheFillyjonk Tue 27-Aug-13 02:06:33

Phoebe and Elliott.

DalekInAFestiveJumper Tue 27-Aug-13 03:58:51

Phoebe and Elliott, although TBH, I like all of your boys names!

lisbapalea Tue 27-Aug-13 04:07:48

It's not "thick" to pronounce Lucia with an "s" sound - that is how it is pronounced in Sweden.

Phoebe and Henry would be my top choices. Both sound lovely with Lucia, however it is pronounced!

Layl77 Tue 27-Aug-13 06:48:15

Lucia in Spanish is pronounced loo-see-a so you would be "a bit dim" to think there's only one way of pronouncing a name.
I like annabel and Henry/Elliot

Ohcrapwhathaveidone Tue 27-Aug-13 10:12:07

Thanks for the replies.

I'm afraid I must be a bit dim then because I do pronounce it loo-see-ahwink, I toyed with the idea of going for loo-chee-ah as it is lovely but I thought that with an English accent loo-see-ah comes more naturally.

It looks like Phoebe and Annabelle are the front runners for girls and Elliott and Henry for boys.

I love Henry but do worry that it is very popular. My DH loves Edison but I'm yet to get one vote for that-what do you think of it?

Thanks also for the suggestions I do like Tobias but a good friend of mine has a DS called that so it's a no go!

pygmy Tue 27-Aug-13 10:16:10

Phoebe & Henry

squoosh Tue 27-Aug-13 10:18:38

Serena and Jude.


MortifiedAdams Tue 27-Aug-13 10:19:40

Phoebe and Elliott

I always thought it was pronounce Loo-Sha.

BlueStarsAtNight Tue 27-Aug-13 10:45:09

I like Phoebe from the girls.

For boys, I like Henry, Elliot and Edison smile

LauraChant Tue 27-Aug-13 10:46:59

Phoebe or Serena and Henry

EnjoyEverySandwich Tue 27-Aug-13 11:23:04


MintyDiamonds Tue 27-Aug-13 11:29:15

I know a Lucia who is Spanish and its pronounced Loo-see-ah, never heard it pronounced the other way. My favourites are sienna or serena, don't like the name phoebe . For the boys I like Jude not keen on the others.

HighJinx Tue 27-Aug-13 11:37:24

I like Serena and Jude.

I think your DH's love of Edison should hold more sway than a poll on MN though wink

littlemog Tue 27-Aug-13 12:23:10

Each to their own! Loo-chee-a is far more beautiful a name than Loo-see-a though!

ZolaBuddleia Tue 27-Aug-13 13:35:20

Sienna or Phoebe
Jude or Edison

MadameJosephine Tue 27-Aug-13 13:42:08

Phoebe and Edison

MadameJosephine Tue 27-Aug-13 13:43:56

In totally with your DH on Edison, love it but DP vetoed it along with Darwin which I also loved. Luckily we had a girl so I forgave him

MadameJosephine Tue 27-Aug-13 13:44:36


absentmindeddooooodles Tue 27-Aug-13 13:48:11

I have a jude. Love the name and always getting compliments. Also a family membr called phoebe. Same goes. Gorgeous names.
Serena and henry as second choices :-)

noodlebum Tue 27-Aug-13 14:03:21

I like Phoebe, Sienna and Elliott best. All of them are nice enough though!

BikeRunSki Tue 27-Aug-13 14:04:32

Phoebe and Jude

SadPander Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:57

Pheobe is lovely and the only one of your girls names I like, for a boy and either Elliot or Jude, although Henry is also quite nice.

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 27-Aug-13 21:00:19


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