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Dollydaydream99 Mon 26-Aug-13 20:15:45

Thoughts on the name for a girl please........?!?!

josiejay Mon 26-Aug-13 20:28:20

No. Please don't.

Floggingmolly Mon 26-Aug-13 20:29:25

I wsh I was pregnant again; I really want to start a thread called "what do you think of the name Gobshite for a girl"
Just for a laugh, like...

bridgetsmum Mon 26-Aug-13 20:30:32

No, yet another daft "name"
Poor child

exexpat Mon 26-Aug-13 20:31:03

Floggingmolly - I don't think you have to supply proof of a positive pregnancy test before you can post in baby names. Go for it...

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 26-Aug-13 20:31:22

I quite fancy Deviant. It sounds so feminine. Might spell it DeeVeAnte though - what d'ya think?

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 26-Aug-13 20:32:14

Oh yes! With sisters Bitch and Mardy-Cow. Fucking ridiculous, but I think you know that. But judging by some of the shite people want to saddle poor innocents with on here......meh.

WafflyVersatile Mon 26-Aug-13 20:33:12

I think 'poor child' on about 50% of baby name threads. grin

Layl77 Mon 26-Aug-13 20:33:38

Just no. Rogue? Think of another with the same sound. Can you imagine someone saying their friend 'rogue' said... You would double take and I'd feel sorry for her

KittenCaboodle Mon 26-Aug-13 20:37:19

Is your surname Trader? If not, then it's a no.

Rogue X: Space Detective.

Yup, definitely a no.

Floggingmolly Mon 26-Aug-13 20:39:52

True, exexpat. So, what do you think of Gobshite for a girl?... grin

TSSDNCOP Mon 26-Aug-13 20:42:48

No but what about


I've only just started reading the Baby Names threads and they all go like this grin

WafflyVersatile Mon 26-Aug-13 20:42:49

When I think of rogue I think of ''the old rogue! what's he done now? grin'' or 'roguish charm', roguish good looks', 'roguish smile'.

FourGates Mon 26-Aug-13 20:43:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WafflyVersatile Mon 26-Aug-13 20:44:36


MichaelBubleBath Mon 26-Aug-13 20:49:01

Am I the only one who thought of Gladiators? blush

Rogue is a bad name

Rowan or Roisin

KateCroydon Mon 26-Aug-13 20:50:32

Noooo. Gobshite's cute though - Gobby as a NN?

TSSDNCOP Mon 26-Aug-13 20:52:21

If they NN her Gobby she'll forever be Gobby The House Elf sad

Floggingmolly Mon 26-Aug-13 20:56:42

Oh go on then; I'll save it for the boy. Nobody would pick on a boy called Gobby, surely?

pooka Mon 26-Aug-13 21:01:23

Sounds like a gladiator. Or an unfriendly woman in a jilly cooper book.

Not positive. I'm not keen. But is not my decision! smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 26-Aug-13 21:04:06

Mardy-Cow with the hyphen is great. Classy.

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 26-Aug-13 21:23:14

Thanks Remus I thought it added that certain something. grin

sonlypuppyfat Mon 26-Aug-13 21:25:50

Thats the best laugh I've had today, can you imagine a vicar saying it at a baptism!

pumpkinsweetie Mon 26-Aug-13 21:27:21

grin Rogue Trader, perfect name

LoopyLupo Mon 26-Aug-13 21:27:33

My intial thoughts were 'that's a nice name ... for an X man.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 26-Aug-13 21:42:09

Reading all your comments has made me laugh out loud! I've had a rubbish day, feeling crap and nauseous and this thread has now really cheered me up grin

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