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Genevieve, Primrose or Virginia?

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AugustaCarp Wed 21-Aug-13 17:30:00

Little sister to Tabitha.

meditrina Wed 21-Aug-13 17:30:51


ViviDeBeauvoir Wed 21-Aug-13 17:31:50

Definitely Genevieve! with Vivi as a NN

ElleCloughie Wed 21-Aug-13 17:37:09

Also going to say Genevieve - it goes beautifully with Tabitha.

squoosh Wed 21-Aug-13 17:39:14

Anything but Virginia! Genevieve is infinitely superior to Primrose though.

JamieandtheMagicTorch Wed 21-Aug-13 17:40:52

Genevieve, without question

LynetteScavo Wed 21-Aug-13 17:43:27

Genevieve. smile

forevergreek Wed 21-Aug-13 17:53:03

Genevieve- but how will you pronounce? May get confusion. 'gen- eh- veve' or ' Jon- a- ve-a' ( with a soft j/g)

DontWorryBaby Wed 21-Aug-13 17:56:31


Bowlersarm Wed 21-Aug-13 17:57:28


Or Virginia nn Ginny

Rhubarbgarden Wed 21-Aug-13 18:00:21

I love Primrose. The others are too long.

Fraxinus Wed 21-Aug-13 18:36:46

Primrose is awful. The others might be ok, i guess you have picked them because they are not too frilly for your circle.

SantanaLopez Wed 21-Aug-13 18:40:51


Don't use Virginia. She will not thank you for it.

MummyBeerest Wed 21-Aug-13 18:42:00


donttellalfred Wed 21-Aug-13 18:43:28

Genevieve. Would definitely have been on my shortlist for a girl, such a lovely timeless name. Less keen on the others.

FingersCrossedLegsNot Wed 21-Aug-13 19:05:48

Primrose, gorgeous!

MarianneBrandon Wed 21-Aug-13 22:00:30



CormoranStrike Wed 21-Aug-13 22:05:16


TobyLerone Wed 21-Aug-13 22:11:36

I like Genevieve but we nixed it from our list because I know it wouldn't always be pronounced as I would want it to be (the correct, French pronunciation). She would end up as Jenner-veev.

georgettemagritte Thu 22-Aug-13 02:51:30


Allalonenow Thu 22-Aug-13 03:00:19

Genevieve is beautiful.

kiwik Thu 22-Aug-13 03:01:48

I love Primrose, and I know a Tabitha who almost had a younger sister Primrose (she ended up a Marigold in the end after a few days of Primrose).
Not keen on Virginia at all, and don't like the pronounciation confusion that is possible with Genevieve.

OrangeBlossom2 Thu 22-Aug-13 07:21:07

Genevieve for me too, not Virginia, just imagining the 'are you are virgin' comments all through secondary school.

noodlebum Thu 22-Aug-13 12:18:28

Genevieve is my favourite, then Primrose. Not a fan of Virginia though.

squoosh Thu 22-Aug-13 12:34:23

I think it would be unkind to name a child Virginia, the teasing would be inevitable.

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