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Feeling sick to my stomach that Katie Price has just named her baby the same name as my son!

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GiveMeVegemite Sun 18-Aug-13 20:51:11

Currently holding my head in my hands rocking back and forth screaming "whhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!"

Well, not really..... But I feel like doing that. I thought I had hit the jackpot with Jett, unique yet masculine and not too weird sounding and now KATIE PRICE has named her son Jett too.

Sorry, just had to have a rant. sad

dementedma Sat 24-Aug-13 22:29:56

Prefer Jett to Persephone!

MoominsYonisAreScary Mon 26-Aug-13 03:26:05

It wouldn't bother me, she's just a person who's son has the same name as yours. The only thing id be thinking is well it become more popular now. I have 5 sons and Jett hasn't been on my list for any of them, although it might have been if id seen this thread before they were born.

Ds3 was born right in the middle of the Tommy story line in eastenders. I still named him Tommy and as yet noone has asked me if I named him after an eastenders character, I wonder if the name is more popular now though.

Poor kp, Tommy was 8 weeks early which was quite scary. Luckily he was only in hospital for 10 days and is now 2.5 and the size of a 4 year old

Whatwhatwhat Mon 26-Aug-13 06:47:27

Don't know if that reply is directed to me or not Cloudkitten.
I was/am offended at someone being called an "undesirable" not "differing opinions on baby names".
Thanks for the grip if it was for me. I'll see if I can put it to good use.

Cloudkitten Mon 26-Aug-13 15:37:39

no whatwhatwhat I haven't taken in names or who said what, it's just glancing through the text. I think it was the "I second the 'if you can't say anything nice - then press the hide button" (not relevant who said it) that I was mostly thinking of. I mean this is MN. There would be mayve 5 open discussions if people pressed the hide button on the basis they didn't have anything nice to say smile

Having said that now I have cast my eye over your post specifically, I think your point was valid. Although, being completely honest, you did come across (to me) as a bit of a professional offendee type, which always makes my teeth itch. Especially with the added snark about the grip.

Whatwhatwhat Mon 26-Aug-13 15:45:20

Ha ha. At least you thought the point was valid!
Wouldn't have thought I was a professional offendee more like a professional offender - IRL anyway smile
Apologies for any snarkiness. None intended.

Cloudkitten Mon 26-Aug-13 15:46:39

Ditto. cake? x

Whatwhatwhat Mon 26-Aug-13 20:22:00

Absolutely. Yum thanks

MickeyMouseHasGrownUpACow Mon 26-Aug-13 20:32:13

I really wouldn't worry OP. Most people have no idea what Katie Price named her baby.
Jett is a great name. Enjoy your little Jett and don't give the Barbie Princess's Jett another thought!

Notsoyummymummy1 Mon 26-Aug-13 22:24:59

When your kid says they want to be like Katie/Jordan/whatever when they grow up - THEN you have something to worry about!

LadyLurksalot Tue 27-Aug-13 10:08:03

Whatwhatwhat - I think I'm perfectly within my rights to call someone an undesirable if that is what they are. I have no desire to be like kp, justifiably so, therefore I find her an undesirable person. It is using that link that I am able to sympathise with the OP.

Cloudkitten you make a fair point, except that in the majority of threads on mumsnet, an opinion is actually asked for

WIBU to...
This happened, was I right...
Come and judge...
What do you think of this bag/pram/house...
Etc, etc...

Or I'm thinking of giving my future ds/dd this name, what do you honestly think?

Not this is my ds/dd's name, this rubbish thing has happened, now come and sympathise.

Nowhere was an opinion about the name asked for, nor was it necessary to give it. If you couldn't be nice walk away from the thread.

As an alternative, you wouldn't walk into a bereavement thread and say 'well they were old, what did you expect' so I don't buy that people can't engage their sensitivity chip before their typing fingers. Imagine how the OP felt when she was reading some of those oh so important opinions about the name she has already used for her DS.

Cloudkitten Tue 27-Aug-13 14:47:22

Ladylurksalot You are completely contradicting yourself. Please read back your own posts where you are rude about someone (and admit it) who had never asked your <very public> opinion either, but then here you are saying if we can't be nice then don't say anything especially when an opinion wasn't even being sought in the first place.

"I think I'm perfectly within my rights to call someone an undesirable if that is what they are" - (in your opinion but did that person ask you, and is it a nice thing to say? No and No are the factual answers). So you are simultaneously (santimoniously) admonishing people whilst being guilty of doing it yourself. In the very same post! Bravo!

LadyLurksalot Tue 27-Aug-13 16:11:38

Cloudkitten I very much do admit that I have been rude about someone, the difference is that she has asked for it. She lives her life in front of the media, and makes her living out of people having an opinion, positive or negative. She feeds the most controversial aspects of her life to the press because it makes her money. So no, ok, she didn't directly ask for my opinion, but she does base her whole public life on people having an opinion of her. So factually, yes is the answer.

As an example, why did she even feel the need to seek her most recent birth story to the Sun, and why did they buy it? She sold it knowing that either people want to buy it because they're interested, or people will have an opinion of it, which in turn will generate interest in it = pounds and publicity for Kp = how she makes a living. If people didn't care, the sun wouldn't have bought it. So she is selling the rights to people having an opinion.

Yes it is my opinion that she is undesirable, and I accept that that is a rude opinion to have of her, but that is how she makes her living. Out of people having an opinion, and I'm pretty sure she has accepted that, I'm equally sure she has a number of strategies in place to prevent it from being an issue for her.

The Two situations are completely different, and the message is being lost now. Yes I have a very public negative opinion of somebody who actively sells her life to the world for people to have an opinion about. For money. The op is a normal mum, without a team of support staff around her, who came here looking for sympathy, and instead got people's rudeness!

mathanxiety Tue 27-Aug-13 17:20:46

Katie Price just makes it sound tacky

It's really a bit shallow to go off a name you put some thought into and obv liked at one point just because someone else whom you don't like or respect has used it.

Using 'What Would Katie Price Do?' as the way to judge a name is sort of indulging in the same silliness KP spends her time at, ironically.

Cloudkitten Tue 27-Aug-13 17:54:37

Ladylurksalot Dress it up however you want, with as many post scripts and codicils as you can think of, but the fact is you are not leading by your own example. If you don't like KP then fair enough, but if you were as nice as you think you are, or other people should be, then you wouldn't have utilised the OP's post to vent your opinions on her, most of which are unrelated to the actual baby name issue.

BuggedByJake Tue 27-Aug-13 18:00:49

I think if you're going to give your child a naff 'try hard' name you have to be prepared for naff celebrities to possible choose the same name.

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 27-Aug-13 18:02:18

Katie Price just makes it sound tacky
Sorry, you can't blame poor KP for that.............

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