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Need help for Girl Shortlist

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WhatILoved Sun 18-Aug-13 19:31:30

DH is Italian, so have Italian surname (4 syllable). Have a boy name firmly decided, but need help on girls:

So far we agree on (just):


Let me know what you think. My fave Lucia has been vetoed by Dh!


Exhaustipated Sun 18-Aug-13 19:34:16

Ooh lovely list!

My faves are

Isola (love this, tis beautiful)

Exhaustipated Sun 18-Aug-13 19:34:55

Vera that should say!

fanjodisfunction Sun 18-Aug-13 19:38:57


Are my fav's from your list.

Clargo55 Sun 18-Aug-13 19:47:02

Elia is lovely.

DancingLady Sun 18-Aug-13 19:48:37

Love them all except last 3! Isola is esp pretty.

BlueStarsAtNight Sun 18-Aug-13 20:05:11

I like Giovanna best though may be a but much with a 4-syllable surname. Also Isola is really pretty.

Amy106 Sun 18-Aug-13 20:22:14

Joanna and Elia are my favourites.

WhatILoved Mon 19-Aug-13 05:26:33

Thanks all for your replies. Very helpful x

patienceisvirtuous Mon 19-Aug-13 06:11:05


I think the actress Vera Farmiga is very beautiful with a beautiful name.

TobyLerone Mon 19-Aug-13 06:22:11

Giulia is gorgeous.

TheTruffleHunter Mon 19-Aug-13 06:33:16

Livia is lovely - what about Valentina

Sunnysummer Mon 19-Aug-13 06:36:36

Love Isola too! Claudia and
Very are also pretty and nice as the spelling and names are well-known but quite rare to actually meet :-)

Giulia is lovely too, but it's a pain to have a common sounding but uncommonly spelt name (DH has this issue and avoiding it was his one rule when naming DCs).

Anjou Mon 19-Aug-13 07:38:31

Vita is a lovely alternative to Vera (which might be very popular due to the current 'Granny Chic' movement!). And I second Valentina. Beautiful name.

AngelaOxford Mon 19-Aug-13 10:08:52

I just LOVE Livia and Giovanna!

ch1134 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:10:07

Livia and Guilia

Saffyz Wed 21-Aug-13 16:17:49

My favourites are Joanna, Isola and Elia.

Oriunda Wed 21-Aug-13 18:29:26

My DH is also Italian and our surname is 4 syllables too! We had a DS but if a girl, she would have been Persephone. I say would, but if DH had vetoed, I would have gone for Aurelia, which he liked, and would have worked in the uk and Italy.

From your list I like Livia the best. Not keen on Joanna. Will you be living here or in Italy? Giovanna is lovely if you are here (uk) as not common and very pretty, but in Italy I know so many girls called Giovanna/Claudia/Valentina etc etc.

Never heard of Onelia. I know an Ornella?

Presumably you need a name that has a saint? My Italian SIL chose a name then realised she had to stick a middle (saints) name on for the baptism otherwise DN would have missed out on her saint's day pressies!

Isola is pretty and I really love Claudia.
Dislike Vera.

georgettemagritte Thu 22-Aug-13 02:44:36

What a shame, Lucia is lovely! Of your list I like Isola, Giulia, Claudia and Livia (in that order), but not Joanna or Vera at all. What about Lilia or Gioia?

WhatILoved Thu 22-Aug-13 08:28:48

Thanks all!

I like Gioia but hubby vetoed that too and would be difficult to spell for english... live in London.

Oriunda: it doesn't need to be a saints name as husband is not religious at all and does not want to baptise baby. His family don't mind either. I am glad I don't need to buy hubby more presents on his saint day!

Onelia and elia are the names of dh's great aunts and isola is his gran's name. Middle names will probably be English x

Oriunda Thu 22-Aug-13 09:14:28

Lucky you not having to remember saints' days! I'm not catholic, so never do, and always get into trouble because I don't remember and they simply don't register with me. Luckily DS shares a saint with FIL so that's 2 birds killed.

noodlebum Thu 22-Aug-13 12:20:17

Pretty names list!

My favourites are Livia and Isola, and I also really like the vetoed Lucia!

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