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Questions on Alexander?

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PistachioTruffle Thu 15-Aug-13 22:16:54

Currently expecting DC1, a boy. Alexander is my favourite boys name ever, and one of the few DH and I agreed on. However, DH has some reservations, mainly since it was revealed as one of Prince George's middle names. So....

A. Is Alexander is about to experience a huge surge in popularity due to its use by the royals? DH thinks yes, I think it's unlikely.

B. Will it always be associated with Prince George? (I think that noone remembers William's middle names, and therefore it won't be an issue, DH disagrees)

C. Will it be shortened to 'Al'?! I don't mind either Alex or Xander as nicknames, but DH reckons people are likely to shorten it to Al!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Thingymajigs Mon 19-Aug-13 09:38:56

badroly I have a 10 yo Alexander who is part of the 'Alex club'. There are 4 other Alex's in his class. We must have all had the same idea at the same time. No idea why there was a popularity spike at that time though.

ihearthuckabees Mon 19-Aug-13 09:58:00

My 11 year old Alexander became an Alex without any conscious effort, although the older generations often call him Alec. How the name gets shortened probably depends on where you live. Sandy is used a lot in Scotland, but hardy ever in England from what i can tell, and Xander is a kind of trendy version of Alexander, a bit like Charlie, or Alfie etc, s has be one popular that way.

Maybe your DH comes from an area where Al would be common. I know one person who calls my DS Al, but she likes to be different!

I think one of the good things about Alexander is that there are so many options for nicknames, shortened versions. You can't lose.

Mrsindecision Mon 19-Aug-13 10:03:21

My ds is at secondary school and Alexander is probably the most popular name in his year group, despite it not being in the top 10 (possibly not even top 20?) for his year of birth. I can think of 5 off the top of my head (none of them shortened to Al but some go by Alex), and know of a few others outside of his school of a similar age (weirdly though, there is only one Jack and this was the number one name for years and years around the time I had my dc!) I think that Alexander is a classic that will always be relatively popular and never really date, and I can't see its popularity being drastically affected by the birth of the royal baby.

If you love it, go for it!

JuniperBush Mon 19-Aug-13 10:18:30

It's classic, beautiful, perfect.
A) it's eternally popular
B) no I don't think the royal connection matters
C) Alex is far more likely, besides you can steer nicknames to some extent

BadRoly Mon 19-Aug-13 11:09:59

Thingymajigs and iheartbuckabees - I'm obviously in the right/wrong part of the country then (depending on how you look at it) wink

BadRoly Mon 19-Aug-13 11:11:47

Ah not Iheartbuckabees but MrsIndecision with many Alexanders! Sorry, in my limited defence I am in the phone app so can't scroll back while posting hmm

TallulahBetty Mon 19-Aug-13 13:40:58

Yep, I have a family member who has over the years been Alex, Xander, and now Al.

MiaowTheCat Tue 20-Aug-13 20:14:50

The Al-s I know are all Alistairs. All the Alexanders I've come across have been Alexes.

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