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212VIP Wed 14-Aug-13 22:23:43

Thoughts please!

cafecito Wed 14-Aug-13 22:48:47


Maud2011 Wed 14-Aug-13 22:49:26

It's lovely.

MoosheKoochak Wed 14-Aug-13 22:51:17

I think it's lovely. I semi-considered it for DD1, but DH didn't like it (he's very fussy though). It means something like "loveable", doesn't it?

But I guess the first few comments would be the reactions the poor girl would get... and whenever she wrote it, it would be misread as Annabel.

NeedSomeSun142 Wed 14-Aug-13 22:55:54

makes me think 'am-a-bell-end' sorry but think the poor lass will get the mick taken out of her

MoosheKoochak Wed 14-Aug-13 23:03:27

If you like Amabel have you considered Arabel/Arabelle?

badtime Wed 14-Aug-13 23:45:55

Amabel is actually the original name, and Annabel was a misspelling. However, it is now pretty obscure in its original form as people only know the shorter version, Mabel.

apachepony Thu 15-Aug-13 00:01:15

Actually I think it sounds lovely with a nice meaning. Had never heard it before. But the constant confusion with annabel could get annoying for her.

Anjou Thu 15-Aug-13 00:46:09

Sorry, another thumbs down here.

Looks like a typo of Annabel or Amiable.

Sounds like someone trying to say Annabel with a blocked nose.

Definitely agree with posters who say teasing is in store - "I'm a bell/I'm a bell end".

BOF Thu 15-Aug-13 00:50:09

Yes, it doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, and just sounds like a mistake.

kiwik Thu 15-Aug-13 02:34:41

I went to prep school with an Amabel (who would be about 40/41 by now - wonder if it's the same one LatinForTelly? Had an older sister Rebecca?)

I quite like it as a name, but due to the girl at school I knew Amabel as a name before I knew about Annabel, if you see what I mean.

Gambia Thu 15-Aug-13 08:56:47

I love it! I sometimes use it ass nickname for my dd. It might get a little confusing, but I think its so pretty it's worth it!

Dackyduddles Thu 15-Aug-13 08:59:00

Do you lisp? Speech impediment? Proper reason for such a ridiculous spelling?

Assuming all normal it sounds silly.

LifeIsNow Thu 15-Aug-13 09:15:31

Looks like a spelling mistake...sorry...

pygmy Thu 15-Aug-13 10:55:37

I love it. It's the original version of Mabel.

itsonlysubterfuge Thu 15-Aug-13 11:01:37

I think it just sounds like you are saying Annabel wrong.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 15-Aug-13 11:04:47

Sounds like a spelling mistake and it will end up being "corrected" (you said Amabel?) all the time by various peoples in authority she will come across in school and in adulthood as well.

Shrugged Thu 15-Aug-13 13:31:39

Gosh, calm down, people. This is an actual name. Whether or not you like it, the OP certainly didn't invent it, and it's not Michaela reinvented as McKayylah or suchlike.

OP, I was going to say I liked it, and it's not a name you hear much, but I think if the previous posters are anything to go by, you might pass it by, despite it being a nice name. It also features in a grim Thomas Hardy poem about a once-lovely girl being ruined by time...

212VIP Thu 15-Aug-13 17:48:32

Hey ho. I tried.
It IS a real name! I'm not keen on making names up.

212VIP Thu 15-Aug-13 17:49:05

You know what. It sounds nice when I say it out loud.
It's going on my list.

Sorry guys...

NadiaWadia Fri 16-Aug-13 04:07:36

It is a real, historical name, and quite pretty, I think.

But throughout her life she would have to put up with misspellings and ignorance, as demonstrated on this thread. So are you up for that?

EhricLovesTeamQhuay Fri 16-Aug-13 11:04:32


NadiaWadia Fri 16-Aug-13 16:37:35

Why earth is it dreadful? Assuming you like Isabel and Annabel, why not? Although I have to say I do slightly prefer the 2 names just mentioned.

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Fri 16-Aug-13 16:49:56

I think it's a lovely name but I'll confess the first time I came across a woman called Amabel at work I assumed it was a spelling mistake and 'corrected' some meeting minutes blush

I suspect I wasn't the first.

LatinForTelly Fri 16-Aug-13 23:03:36

Ahh, no kiwik, the Amabel I knew had a brother. Wow, two 40ish Amabels though. Who'da thunk it?

Gimmeechocolate Mon 19-Aug-13 21:49:01

I think it's lovely. I considered it for our daughter but DH said no as people would think it was Annabel. We went for Mabel in the end smile

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