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We can't choose Skye can we? Please help us choose...

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FetaCheeny Sat 27-Jul-13 22:23:56

Ok so DH never gets excited about names and there's only 1 name he really loves and it's Layla (I prefer Leila he prefers Layla)
We went on honeymoon to the Isle of Skye and since then we've both also fallen for that name too. But our surname is Forde. Skye Forde is only 2 syllables and sounds like Skyfall, should we rule it out? Nn would be Mary (family name on both sides)

If we went for Leila, how does Leila Skye Forde sound?? I'm not sure about it. Or Leila Skye Mary Forde? I'd like to get Mary in for family reasons.
The other name I love is Alexandra and DH likes it... Alexandra Skye [Mary] Forde sounds nicer and more classy but DH can't let go of Leila and I kind of like that he loves a name that much because no others get him excited. Help!

One other thing - DH is Irish, we are both fair, he's slightly auburn and very pale, would Leila suit a fair child? That's the only thing that puts me off.

Other names we both quite like

Any advice much appreciated!

SoupDragon Sun 28-Jul-13 10:32:43

Mary Skye sounds better than Skye Mary for some reason. So Alexandra Mary Skye, Leila Mary Skye...

However, if you want to use Skye day-to-day then use that as the first name. Skye Leila Mary? I don't see a problem with "Sky Fall" TBH.

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