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2 "bible" names together....?

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Dollydaydream99 Wed 17-Jul-13 18:49:21

Hi everyone,

I'm not particularly religious but really love the name Isaac with Joseph as middle name.... Only just realised these are 2 biblical names.... Do you think this would work or would this be constantly picked up on?!

Also, does anyone have son called Isaac? What nn's have come of it? And are spelling mistakes a big issue?!

Thanks! smile

It's fine - I doubt anybody would give it a second thought tbh.

AnythingNotEverything Wed 17-Jul-13 19:02:06

I don't think anyone will bat an eyelid.

Dollydaydream99 Wed 17-Jul-13 21:09:20

Thanks for reassurance! smile

ShadowStorm Wed 17-Jul-13 21:42:29

I don't think that anyone would particularly notice.

Lots of bible names have been widely used in the UK for centuries (Joseph more so than Isaac I think), so I don't think 2 together would really attract attention.

peacypops Wed 17-Jul-13 21:46:47

Both lovely names. I have an Isaac and we get the very occasional spelling mistake but most people know that it's a double 'a' and not a double 's'.
We tend to call ours just 'Isaac' or sometimes 'Isey'. I have heard of others shortening it to Ike .

MustafaCake Wed 17-Jul-13 21:54:03

Both lovely names and I certainly didn't think "weird, 2 bible names" when I read your post!

orderinformation Wed 17-Jul-13 22:05:28

Isa (pronounces Ees-a)

Rhinopotamus Wed 17-Jul-13 22:14:01

I have an Isaac. Same spelling mistakes as peacy plus Isacc. Not really a problem though. Not used a nickname, he said he didn't like Isey or Zac when dh tried those. I have a Jacob too, so we get the 'bible names' comment sometimes. I think Isaac Joseph sounds lovely.

steppemum Wed 17-Jul-13 22:35:44

I have an Isaac, never shortened to anything, but I suppose it could be Zac. we do get the Issac spelling a lot.

It is a great name, familiar but not common, great on a little kid and still works for high court judge


justhayley Thu 18-Jul-13 01:10:16

Lovely they go really nicely together. I gave DS a 2 bible name and am not particularly religious. Iv had the odd 'oooo very biblical' comment but most people say it in a positive way. I love Joshua Isaac for future DS so may go again with the double bible lol

pearlgirl Thu 18-Jul-13 01:16:29

I think they go together really well. I don't have an Isaac but it was on our shortlist for ds4 and we nearly used it as we both love it but in the end went with a different biblical name - in fact he has three names all of which after in the Bible somewhere but we chose them because of the associations they had for us. We do occasionally get comments but maybe that is because all four of them have Old Testament names.

ZingWidge Thu 18-Jul-13 01:35:36

Isaac Joseph is lovely.

Isaac means laughter.
DS5 is Isaac Benjamin and lives up to his name - he is a happy boy with the most adorable cheeky grin!

other ideas:
Isaac Joshua

Isaac Daniel

Isaac David

Isaac Timothy

Isaac Reuben

Isaac Thomas

Isaac Nathan

btw all our kids have Biblical names, on purpose.

ZingWidge Thu 18-Jul-13 01:46:58

we call him I-zee (or Zizi - ZeeZee)

misspellings have been Issac or even Isac ( but these are only misspellings to us!)

I have a theory that people who know of the name Issachar (he was one of Jacob's 12 sons and brother to Joseph with the coat) mix it up with Isaac, hence the misspelling.

actually OP in the Old Testament Isaac is Joseph's grandfather, so I think that is quite a nice connection between the two names.

(Isaac was Jacob's father)

3boysgirlontheway Thu 18-Jul-13 02:43:16

We are not at all religious and have two boys with double bible names, we have a Le*vi Reuben and a Sa*ul Elijah. At the end of the day they are names in their own right as much as they are from the bible.

Dollydaydream99 Thu 18-Jul-13 09:16:27

Ahhh great feedback everyone, positive comments are always reassuring! Thanks all smile

TruJay Fri 19-Jul-13 20:15:22

I think its a lovely name and don't think anyone would even point out the two are biblical and I would just look at them strangely if they did anyway lol

Apparently the name we have chosen for our baby (due Nov) is directly related to the name of our 3 year old son in the bible but we don't care, still going to use it! If baby turns out to be a boy that is, haven't found out the sex!

miffybun73 Fri 19-Jul-13 20:20:36

They go really well together.

Isaac Joseph is lovely, but Joseph Isaac even nicer IMO smile

Haylebop12 Fri 19-Jul-13 20:21:35

I'm 27 weeks with ds1. He will be Isaac David. Very non religious here. My guesses are nn will be zak.

Isaac Joseph is lovely :-)

Timeforabiscuit Fri 19-Jul-13 20:22:07

The bad combos

Cain and Able
Mary and Joseph
Jesus and Judas

your names are lovely grin

ZingWidge Fri 19-Jul-13 21:32:45


also no to:

Adam and Eve

Judas & Jezabel


mum2bejen Fri 19-Jul-13 22:10:37

I love Isaac Joseph! It is a lovely combination, and I don't think that anyone would hear it and think about the religious connection. It seems that a huge amount of both girls and boys names appear somewhere in the bible anyway so I don't think it should be an issue.

I don't have an Isaac (although it is on our shortlist, as is Joseph!) but if we do choose to go with it then ours will be Isaac Charlie.

ShadowMeltingInTheSun Fri 19-Jul-13 22:10:41

Judas is probably best avoided no matter what the other name is.... wink

JollyHolidayGiant Fri 19-Jul-13 22:12:03

I would notice, but I wouldn't comment or think anything of it.

ZingWidge Sat 20-Jul-13 01:02:21

I'm thinking, however that 3 names would be too much.

and definitely don't choose Garreth/Gabriel/Gregory Isaac Joseph - he'd be a GI Joe! grin

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