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Felix, Hector, Arthur, Otto, Arlo

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pygmy Mon 15-Jul-13 13:06:15

Had decided on Hector, but having the usual wobbles.

Arthur is my DS2's middle name, so not sure it's usable and DS1 is called Finn; not sure if Finn and Felix are too much.

Thoughts on all the above names please!

Madamecastafiore Mon 15-Jul-13 13:07:41

I love Otto. Was one of our choices for a boy.

Hector is cool too but my DS would call it Hec as a nnblush!!

bassingtonffrench Mon 15-Jul-13 13:10:42

Felix - nice, you will get some raised eyebrows but it is actually becoming quite popular
Hector - nice
Arthur - best in your list, a bit of a lack of foresight if it is also DS2 middle name but no one will remember so not really an issue!
Otto - very European. just think of Anne Franks dad
Arlo - OK, but a bit too trendy for me.

Finn and Felix are a bit too close, not just because of the F but also the 'i' sound

Try also Frank, Rufus, Hugo, Robert,

smother Mon 15-Jul-13 14:07:47

Hector is by far the nicest name of the bunch, but they're all good! Arlo and Felix are more popular sounding I think, I know a couple of both. If I was you, I'd definitely go for Hector!

mumofthemonsters808 Mon 15-Jul-13 14:14:42

Otto and Arlo for me, Felix is very popular in our school but I can not help visualising a cat.

othersideofchannel Mon 15-Jul-13 14:51:02

Felix - very well known catfood in UK. I'd also avoid Finn and Felix for brothers - can get confusing with mail etc.
Hector - meaning (bully, tormentor) would put me off, as well as the lack of nicknames (Heck?)
Arthur - nice
Otto - awful and comical, as well as being Europe's largest mail order company (
Arlo - nice but sounds a little like Harlow.

I like the suggestion of Hugo or how about Quentin?

Wbdn28 Mon 15-Jul-13 15:48:52

Felix - a very nice, classic name
Hector - OK
Arthur - a bit old-man-faddy
Otto - very trendy, you never heard of any Ottos until very recently and now there are lots
Arlo - quite nice

How about Tristan, Jago, Albert, Henry, Frederick/Freddie?

lalalonglegs Mon 15-Jul-13 16:25:58

I LOVE Arlo.

Thingymajigs Mon 15-Jul-13 16:29:08

Love Felix, Arthur and Arlo.
Arlo is our current favourite if this little bump is a ds3.

TenthMuse Mon 15-Jul-13 16:31:17

Felix - nice, fairly popular but not overly so
Hector - dislike meaning, and always sounds harsh to me
Arthur - lovely, currently popular, but more classic than some of the others so feels less faddy
Otto - like it, possibly becoming popular but haven't met any (yet!)
Arlo - way too trendy at the moment. I know loads (mostly wannabe hipsters!) Plus Harlow connection would put me off.

daimbardiva Mon 15-Jul-13 16:37:45

I love, love,love Arlo - suggested it for our son, but DH refused to believe it was an actual name :/ Harlow similarity wouldn't put me up or down, but I live at the opp. end of the country!

MrsOakenshield Mon 15-Jul-13 16:38:08

um - they all sound very middle-class-media parents to me (which is possibly what you are!). And this is exactly the kind of area I live in and there are at least 3 of these names in DD's nursery class. Arthur is the nicest (though I don't think you can use it if it's your DS's middle name), the others all sound like they are trying to hard.


EldritchCleavage Mon 15-Jul-13 16:44:11

Hector is the best. I would avoid the same initial as a sibling, so no Finn/Felix.

What about:

SleepyCatOnTheMat Mon 15-Jul-13 17:09:16

I think Finn and Arlo go well, both being modern.

SleepyCatOnTheMat Mon 15-Jul-13 17:09:52

Sorry, being modern as in having a modern feel.

sleepingbeautiful Mon 15-Jul-13 17:34:44

Arthur is nice but a no due to other DS.
Felix is quite popular and I only know spoiled, badly behaved ones!
Otto just reminds me of the pot head bus driver from The Simpsons.
Arlo and Hector are ok but I'd be very careful based on you and your wider families/associates accents. If you are in an "H" dropping area, Arlo sounds like Harlow being said wrongly, and Hector will be Ector, or even worse Ectah.
I think Bassington made very good alternative suggestions.

pygmy Mon 15-Jul-13 17:48:11

I love Rufus and Hugo but can't use them unfortunately.

pygmy Mon 15-Jul-13 17:50:49

I'm not worried about the H being dropped in Hector as there are tonnes of Harrys here and I've never heard them being called 'arry.

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 15-Jul-13 19:15:28

Arlo is my DS's name and I LOVE it.
It's a brilliant name grin

For DC3 we are considering (In no particular order):

Clement (Clem)

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 15-Jul-13 19:17:57

Oh we've never met another,and we are in no way 'try hard' people...or middle class media types...we just really liked the name.

Rhubarbgarden Mon 15-Jul-13 19:44:27


JamieandtheMagicTorch Mon 15-Jul-13 20:27:13

What about




Love Hector. Not v fond of the others but only actively dislike Felix.

You night also like: Asher / Inigo / Ellis / Oscar

sleepingbeautiful Mon 15-Jul-13 22:47:01

Oo I like Asher! Shame there's no more planned.

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 15-Jul-13 22:49:38

I like Asa too

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