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Huckleberry (middle name)

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Wbdn28 Sun 14-Jul-13 20:08:33

Atticus is quite faddy now too, and has sprung from nowhere in a short time. Orlando is another one.

Wbdn28 Sun 14-Jul-13 20:07:41

> Do you think it is a little too try hard?

TBH - yes, sorry.

Beccadugs Sun 14-Jul-13 15:59:21

If you have the guts go for it... DH and his best mate decided that who ever had a son first would use huckleberry as a first name. DH's best mate was veto-ed and so no DH thinks this will be happening for ours... It won't, but only because I personally don't like it. However you thread has made me chuckle as it is a name dear to my heart!!

AuntieStella Fri 12-Jul-13 23:13:48

Seriously not my taste, but I think it's fine in the middle (as long as your surname isn't Finn).

Leeds2 Fri 12-Jul-13 23:09:51

Absolutely not!

Atticus, maybe.

Rhubarbgarden Fri 12-Jul-13 22:40:20

Oh why not, it's what middle names are for.

AllegraLilac Thu 11-Jul-13 01:17:40

Do it! A close friend used Atticus for her DS middle name, after Atticus Finch. So cool. So edgy, so cultured!

BakingBunty Tue 09-Jul-13 21:25:40

DS has Huckleberry as a middle name. Lots of people were a bit shock when we first announced it (especially the grandparents!) but vast majority of people seem to love it.

DH and I both love American literature from that period and liked the idea of some sort of reference (Moby Dick might have been a bit much!)

His first name is very short and I think it balances it out perfectly.

We've never regretted our choice. Go for it!

tigrou Mon 08-Jul-13 09:02:20

I know a girl named Huckleberry. At first I was a bit shock but it really suits her now I'm used to it. Actually, I think unusual middle names attract more ridicule that unusual first names, which people just get used to.

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 08-Jul-13 08:55:40

as long as his first name isn't going to be Finn wink

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 08-Jul-13 08:55:09

I love Huckleberry...I couldn't do it as a first name,but as a middle? Perfect! grin

squoosh Mon 08-Jul-13 01:13:50

For a middle name? Do it.

Huckleberry Finn is an amazing novel to be named after.

Cravingdairy Sun 07-Jul-13 23:07:09

I wouldn't, he will have to go through a rigmarole every time he's asked for his middle name.

bugsybill Sun 07-Jul-13 22:53:56

Do you think it is a little too try hard? Would normally not care about people's opinions of middle names, but this one has me wondering, so I would like some opinions. He would have more conventional, modern but not top 20 first name.

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