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What do you think of these names?

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FreudianSlippage Thu 04-Jul-13 20:59:58

Opinions on these names please. Honest and as forthright as you possibly can. These are some names I've looked at for future DC some I like more than others - just curious for opinions and what you think of/associate with that name. I want to see if I've missed anything embarrassing or traumatising smile



FreudianSlippage Thu 04-Jul-13 21:05:35

Oh and also:

NarkyNamechanger Thu 04-Jul-13 21:07:24

I like

Mathew and Keira.

None of the others sorry.

Rosie lee is rhyming slang for tea. Just as a heads up.

Going through the others

Isabella - very popular. Very nice.
Rosa-lee - see above post.
Carrianne - It's ok. I foresee possibly problems with 'is that hyphenated? Is that ne name or two?' Etc.
Rebecca - classic.
Daniella - bit 80s, possibly. Not terrible though!
Emileigh - I prefer Emily.
Keira - quite nice
Liana - I like it
Alena - like it
Hayleigh-Rae - Odd spelling, to my eyes.
Leah - ok

Alexander - classic, nice, flexible nicknames
Brandon - Strong dislike for personal reasons. Cannot be impartial about this name.
Jason - Like!
Kieran - meh
Matthew - classic, it's okk
Riley - neither here or there on this one
Sean - quite cute
Xander - prefer Alexander.
Jude - it's ok
Bradley - I really like it

MortifiedAdams Thu 04-Jul-13 21:22:06

Rosalie rather than Rosa-lee. Tbh I dont like double barrelled names.

Girls names - Leah onky
Boys names - Jude and Matthew only

Isabella - nice but prefer Isobel
Rosa-Lee - bad
Carrianne - bad
Rebecca - fine
Daniella - ok
Emileigh - awful
Keira ok
Liana -bad
Alena - bad
Hayleigh-Rae - awful

Alexander - ok
Brandon - bad
Jason - really bad
Kieran - no opinion
Matthew - fine
Riley - awful
Sean - bad
Xander - don't like much but better than Riley and Brandon by about ten zillion light years
Sorry but we have v different taste. I like Jude.

Iseeall Thu 04-Jul-13 21:37:48

Rebecca and Matthew are the nicest imo

winterlights Thu 04-Jul-13 23:17:07

Rebecca, Keira, Matthew and Alexander are the only ones I like.

Really don't like the others.

I used to like Isabella but there are far to many of them around now, not to mention all the Isobels, Belles, Ellas, Ellies etc. (but I'm in Ireland).

winterlights Thu 04-Jul-13 23:18:54

May I ask why you need to spell Emily like that?

formicadinosaur Fri 05-Jul-13 06:15:26

Girls names - Rosa lee is gypsy rose lee. They are a mixture of bland 70s (Rebecca) names and made up sink estate names. Alena is lovely though and also Emily spelt the normal way.

formicadinosaur Fri 05-Jul-13 06:19:17

The nickname for Alexander is Xander and I like both. Also Matthew is nice but 70's. the other names belong to badly behaved boys.

BartBaby Fri 05-Jul-13 08:33:40

Isabella - i like this but agree its becoming quite popular
Rosa-Lee - much prefer rosalie. It looks much better.
Carrianne - not keen
Rebecca - i like this but wouldnt use it
Daniella - daniella westbrook the coke addict actress??
Emileigh - looks silly spelt like that. She would have a lifetime of having to spell it. Emily is better. Was on our list
Keira - dont like
Liana - dont like
Alena - ok. Quite pretty.
Hayleigh-Rae - awful

Alexander - love this. Would gave as name but have xander as nn.
Brandon - dont like.
Jason - doesnt sound like a nice baby name. Better once theyre older.
Kieran - dont like either
Matthew - i quite like it. Know a few born in the 80's. a bit plain.
Riley - got a nephew called riley. Its not my kind of name. But its better than some of the others.
Sean - plain and boring
Xander - see above

Out if these choices i would go for Emily, Rosalie or Alexander (nn xander)

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 05-Jul-13 08:48:44

Isabella - lovely. Quite popular but with good reason

Rosa-Lee - Rosa is nice, Rosa-Lee isn't. Lee isn't a pleasing middle name for a girl IMO. It especially doesn't go with such a pretty name as Rosa. Also hate hyphens.

Carrianne - looks quite nice but makes me think 'carry what?'

Rebecca - classic name. Does have a strong connotation with the book for me though. Shouldn't put you off though!

Daniella - 80's, 90's I don't like it.

Emileigh- spelt wrong is my immediate reaction. Emily even Emilie would be better.

Keira - ok, not for me I don't like 'k' names.

Liana - quite nice I guess

Alena- how do you pronounce it?

Hayleigh-Rae - don't like hayleigh particularly, Rae is nice as a middle name though (without the hyphen!)

Alexander - normal

Brandon - American/Irish is what it makes me think of!

Jason - love this name

Kieran - don't like 'k' names

Matthew - classic name

Riley - quite nice

Sean - ok but I always read it wrong in my head first before getting it right

Xander - nickname of alexander

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 05-Jul-13 08:54:00

Jude - lovely, cool name
Bradley- same boat as Kieran for me
Leah - yuck

ovenbun Fri 05-Jul-13 10:42:28

ok so you asked for complete honesty right?

Isabella - beautiful, love it
Rosa-Lee- too much like tea
Rebecca - lovely
Daniella- prefer danielle but still pretty
Emileigh- no just makes it hard for the child who will always have to spell it to people.
Keira- pretty
Liana- ok
Alena- Helena or Alannah are prettier
Hayleigh-Rae- dislike the hypen...perhaps hayleigh n rae as a middle name.

Alexander - classic lovely
Brandon- american
Jason- fine
Kieran- naughty boy name (sorry)
Matthew- fine
Riley- I like this different but sweet
Sean- sounds odd on a baby but fine on a grown up
Xander- just use as a nn for alexander smile

hope that helps smile xxx

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Fri 05-Jul-13 11:56:49

My top 4 from your girls' choices:

Isabella and Rebecca are lovely but were top of the pops for so long I'd look elsewhere.

And of the boys' selection:
Alexander (from which Xander is cool)

amessageforyouYoni Fri 05-Jul-13 12:52:16

I like Leah, Emily (but not Emileigh) and Sean. Matthew is perfectly nice, too.

Love Rosa on its own is gorgeous - classy, simple, feminine - but the hyphen Lee makes it less so.

Rosenip Fri 05-Jul-13 13:35:55

A few odd spellings, especially with Hayleigh-Rae and Emileigh, they would be constantly speling our their name to people (speaking as one who has a name which requires spelling out even though it's easier than the two above). Phone calls to the bank, mobile phone company, gas bill etc. A complication that is not needed in life in my view!

Queazy Fri 05-Jul-13 14:15:27

All lovely but really not sure about Hayleigh-Rae. Why not just Hayleigh? I think the Rae makes it sound very 'country'. x

Choccyhobnob Fri 05-Jul-13 16:51:40

Ok - honesty (don't flame me for using the word 'chav' - I use it and I would like people to tell me if my possible chosen names were chavvy before I lumbered my baby with it!)

Isabella - lovely - but very popular
Rosa-lee - tea! Rosalie nice though
Carrianne - Hmmm ok, but sounds like Carrie - Ann and I hate hyphenated names!
Rebecca - classic, bit boring
Daniella - bit 80s, possibly. Not terrible though!
Emileigh - Nice, over compllicated though, Emilie is definitely better if you don't like standard Emily.
Keira - Nice
Liana - Nice
Alena - Nice
Hayleigh-Rae - Ok the C- word is making an appearance....Chavvy
Leah - ok

Alexander - classic, nice.
Brandon - Where I'm from = Chavvy but don't know about other places and sounds nice with an Irish accent! lol
Jason - 80's
Kieran - ok (know a really weird one though which has ruined it for me personally)
Matthew - Ok, bit boring 70's/80's
Riley - Sounds like a naughty boys name
Sean - Don't know any under 30 but actually nice!
Xander - Like it
Jude - Like it
Bradley - Naughty kids name again and verging on ch... nope won't say it!

Oriunda Fri 05-Jul-13 19:24:40

Isabella ... best of a (bad) bunch. Prefer Isobel
Rosa-lee. Awful. Tea/stripper etc
Carianne .... Don't like. Seems made up?
Rebecca ... Ok but boring
Daniella ..... Ditto.
Emileigh ...... Please don't. Emily is a lovely name.
Keira ..... Ok
Liana .... Not bad. I know a Liana (she is Italian)
Alena .... Ok
Hayleigh-Rae ...... Horrible. What's with these 'leighs instead of 'ley'?
Leah .... Ok

Alexander. Love this. Xander would be a nn of this
Brandon ..... American
Jason ... Ok but v dated
Kieran ..... Ok
Matthew ..... Inoffensive
Riley ...... Girl's name?
Sean ...... Not bad
Xander ...... Like it as nn of Alexander
Jude ..... Ok but I know a female one
Bradley ..... What Choccy said

DeffoBossLa Fri 05-Jul-13 19:28:09

I like Jude & Alexander. Dislike all the other names...sorry.

jalapeno Sat 06-Jul-13 07:01:52

I like Isabella (prefer Isobel though) and love Alexander/Xander but not really keen on the others I'm afraid. That's just personal preference I guess, a lot of them on the list sound quite 80s and I prefer classic names. The classic ones such as Matthew are nice but were overused when I was a child so I find them a bit dull.

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Sat 06-Jul-13 07:25:24

Quit with the hyphens and the weird spellings.

Xander,Jude and Rosa (just rosa,no hyphen,no lee.) are nice.
The rest are either very popular or not to my taste or both,but not completely awful,so long as you spell them correctly.

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