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Names that Rosie could be nn for please?

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Summersun1983 Thu 04-Jul-13 17:56:16

Hello :-)
I am only 12 weeks so early days but my dd has decided baby is a girl and she is desperate to call her Rosie! I don't mind Rosie as a name for a little one but not sure it's going to work for an adult but Dh doesn't like Rosé. So please could I have some ideas for names we could have Rosie as the nn for?

Also what dose everyone think of Rosie as a name, mentioned it to a friend today who didn't look best impressed lol

Thanks for your help xxx
P.s I know baby cold be a boy and Roise is just an idea at the mo :-)

MortifiedAdams Thu 04-Jul-13 18:00:10


Or just use Rosie and put that on the BC?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 04-Jul-13 18:02:19


CatsAreLikeChocolates Thu 04-Jul-13 18:04:14


FWIW I think Rosie is a lovely name, but would probably put something more "grown up" sounding on the birth cert just to pass the high court judge test IYSWIM.

GampyWabbit Thu 04-Jul-13 18:05:00


Or just Rose on bc and Rosie nn is fine.

GampyWabbit Thu 04-Jul-13 18:05:46

I like Rosanna best.

AndiRee Thu 04-Jul-13 18:05:58

My DD is a Rosanna shortened to Rosie at school etc.

Summersun1983 Thu 04-Jul-13 18:23:35

Thank you. I like Rosalee but would this be pronounced ros-a-lee or rose-a-lee?

EstelleGetty Thu 04-Jul-13 18:25:37

Rosanna is lovely! Or Rosaleen.

donttellalfred Thu 04-Jul-13 18:32:33


I love Rose names. Just Rose on its own is beautiful.

normaleggy Thu 04-Jul-13 18:40:14


Pleasenomorepeppa Thu 04-Jul-13 18:46:02

DD1 was the same about DD2, now 5 months.
We went with Martha Rosy & DD1 is happy with that.
Although she does sometimes just call her Rosy grin.

Pixieonthemoor Thu 04-Jul-13 18:47:08

Rosamund (fair Rosamund a la Shakespeare or Pike!)

spiderlight Thu 04-Jul-13 18:51:09

I know a Rosemin. I think it's an Indian name. Rose on its own is lovely though - timeless.

insanityscratching Thu 04-Jul-13 18:54:03

My Rosie is now twenty and her name has grown up with her so whilst it was a cute toddler name, a cool teenage name, it's a sensible adult name and I think it will be fine for an old lady too. If you like Rosie I don't see anything wrong with having just that on the BC.

needanothacuppa Thu 04-Jul-13 19:22:26

Roisin (pr Rosheen) irish for Rose, really pretty name or Rosehannah - a victorian name I came across when doing family history research and absolutely love.
Rosie is great tho. As you say a variant on the name for birth cert etc and nn Rosie sounds just fine to me whether child or adult!

MadBusLady Thu 04-Jul-13 19:22:46

Rosalee is pronounced rose-a-lee (or it is in the old song anyway!) I think it is more normally spelt Rosalie though.

swooosh Thu 04-Jul-13 19:41:57

I'm just that. No longer version. I'm 25 and don't mind my name, 85% of the time I tell someone my name they say how lovely it is.

kelda Thu 04-Jul-13 19:44:36

Rosemie. Variation of Rose - Marie.

Naoko Thu 04-Jul-13 19:59:11

I have an Irish friend called Róisín who goes by Rosie in England. She primarily does that because people mangle pronouncing her full name, but she is an adult and it doesn't sound weird at all! I think it's fine on its own.

Queazy Thu 04-Jul-13 20:29:33

I think Rosalie is beautiful smile x

HaveIGotPoosForYou Thu 04-Jul-13 20:42:28

Rose in it's own right, or even Rosie as a name on itself

lessonsintightropes Thu 04-Jul-13 22:46:50

Another vote for Rosanna.

AKissIsNotAContract Thu 04-Jul-13 22:49:03

I love Rosina. It was my great grandmother's name.

NonnoMum Thu 04-Jul-13 22:50:11


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