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twin boy name suggestions?

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Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:32:11

We are having such a hard time agreeing on names. Both of us being Irish, originally I did want typical Irish names. Now, after going through loads of them, I hate them all. Surname being 'McKenna' I'm finding is so difficult to find first names that flow haha.

I personally like Leyton and Tait. My partner likes Tommy and Patrick (no way is that happening)

Anyone want to throw some suggestions at me? We both have big families, which is a pain. Made up of mainly boys.

Thanks in advance.

toastedteacake Wed 03-Jul-13 15:33:52

Arlo and Luca

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:36:05

@toastedteacake I love both. But my partner doesn't angree sad such a shame. Thank you x

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jul-13 15:36:19

Marlon and Cillion

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:37:05

@MerryMarigold not too keen on Marlon, but I like Cillion. Thank you x

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:38:35

Sounds like your partner prefers more traditional names?

Luke and Noah?

IHeartKingThistle Wed 03-Jul-13 15:40:53

I like Tait, really not keen on Leyton. Can you not choose one name each?

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:46:34

@Touchmybum See this is where we're bumping heads. He prefers the traditional Irish names. Whereas I don't. I love the unusual and unique ones. There must be 2 out there we both like haha. I do like Noah but he doesn't, Noah McKenna doesn't really go I don't think.

@IHeartKingThistle Well if we did, they'd be called Tommy and Tait and I really don't like the sound of that haha x

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jul-13 15:48:46

Marlon is so cool in Peanuts. I wish I called my twin Marlon! He is Jude.

There's another suggestion: James and Jude

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:50:14

I read somewhere that some of the really old names are coming back in, like Arthur and Stanley...

Archie is cute.

It's going to be very hard to marry traditional and unusual!!!

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jul-13 15:51:00

Fionn and Liam

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:51:14

@MerryMarigold I was actually thinking to use Jude as a middle name. I love it. Partner doesn't agree.. Grr men

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:52:22

@MerryMarigold brother-in-law's name is Fintan, so can't have Fin of any sort. Love that name sad Liam is too common.

I'm so bloody fussy haha!! Sorry

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:52:56

I much prefer Jude MerryMarigold!!

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:53:34

@Touchmybum Archie I feel is a little common also. I LOVE Arthur though

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:53:45

Leo and Jake?

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:54:35

or Alfred (Freddie?)

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:55:36

Nephew is Leo and partners best friend is Jake. This is an absolute nightmare haha.

There's an ongoing joke that they'll be called 'thing 1 and thing 2'. I am not amused.

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:55:45

Wilfred? Samuel, Josias, Jonah/Jonas?

Sparrow8 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:56:27

Sean and Connor.....traditional names

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:56:30

Alfred, so Alfie of Freddie, Alf or Fred. Nope haha.

Touchmybum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:57:22

Boy in my son's class is called Callan.... what about Albert and Arthur (Bertie and Art?)

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:57:26

@Touchmybum I quite like Jonah

@Sparrow8 I don't really like either. Connor McKenna doesn't flow haha.

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jul-13 15:57:26

Bartley - The name of one of the twelve apostles, it is the Irish form of the Hebrew name Bartholemew "Son of Talmai."

Emmet - love this,, but perhaps not with surname

Lorcan - you could only get away with this as you are Irish! Fabulously romantic and brill with surname

taken from this website

Lulu90 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:58:41

@Touchmybum Partner just said "we're not giving birth to 80 year old men" oh dear. I take that as a no then. I quite like Callan. Or Keelan.

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