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Posy Ethel

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AmberSocks Tue 02-Jul-13 10:33:05

I have a Tabitha,middle name Marion,after mil.NOt foud out sex yet but if its a girl we definitly love Posy,very small possibility of using Josephine officially just in case and also because its dils mothers name.

All my children have family names as middle names and theres only really NIcola,Karen,Eleanor and Ethel left.I dont like the first two so i am thinking ethel?

I know its very old lady like but i do love granny chic?Also love Percy for a boy but dh doesnt like it and whenever ive mentioned it ive had looks of pure horror,so lets hope its a girl!

siluria Mon 08-Jul-13 12:01:31

Not a huge fan of Posy, but if you love it then go for it. I think it goes nicely with Tabitha.

I will never understand the sheer hatred on MN for Ethel. It's soft, pretty, classic and feminine. I love it. We're considering it for DD2's middle name smile

RaRaZ Sun 07-Jul-13 12:23:11

Sounds like a description to me, like Picky Paula or Dopey Sam or whatever.... I can imagine people go "Oh, is that ACTUALLY your name?!"

SugarMouse1 Sat 06-Jul-13 19:35:23

Sorry but I don't like either really

I think Eleanor would be a much nicer middle name

How about:

Tulip Eleanor
Saffron Eleanor
Josie Nicole
Ivy Ellen
Iris Nicole
Violet Nicole
Tansy Ethel

BTW, I think with Posy you'll constantly be getting misheard for Rosie!

argylesocks Sat 06-Jul-13 06:46:32

I like Posy Eleanor better. It flows nicely. I've heard far worse names than Posy, I don't know why there's so much negativity.

Kaekae Fri 05-Jul-13 23:43:15

Ethel is such an ugly name. Karen is much nicer. Posy not keen.

rockybalboa Fri 05-Jul-13 20:48:44

I bloody love Percy!!

That's not what you asked I know. I think Posy Ethel is beautiful.

Queazy Thu 04-Jul-13 20:32:58

I'm with sonlypuppyfat I'm afraid. Josephine (Josie) Eleanor is lovely. Posy Ethel really isn't imo x

ZolaBuddleia Thu 04-Jul-13 17:32:01

I love both Posy and Loveday! I can see Loveday is a bit out there, but Posy surely is along the same lines as Lily, Betsy etc?

Don't like Ethel at all, and Eleanor is rather dull, although still not a filler name like Rose/Grace/May.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 03-Jul-13 21:20:21


Pre-birth it could be a kindness,afterwards however it's likely myself and my friends will have to bite our tongues at least once grin

Viviennemary Wed 03-Jul-13 20:43:51

Ethel is dreadful. It was even cosidered dreadful in the olden days. And it doesn't go with Posy at all. Not overkeen on Posy. It's very twee. Josephine is a better option.

scottishmummy Wed 03-Jul-13 20:37:05

Oh,yes see what you mean,I wouldn't comment if it were birth name
At pg stage yes. I'd comment freely,prior to baby birth
At baby group and since dc I've encountered ghastly names but I don't let on

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 03-Jul-13 20:34:33

is it a thing to not tell friends you don't like their potential name choice?

All my friends and I will fall at that hurdle when it comes. Honesty is best. Especially when one is hormone ridden and deluded.

scottishmummy Wed 03-Jul-13 20:32:44

Well give she posted query shes hoping to elicit response she won't get in real life
If I heard a baby name I disliked in real life I'd never say,I'd smile and mutter platitude
So online shell get true response

CanYouGetDownPlease Wed 03-Jul-13 20:29:59

Some of the comments on this thread are way OTT and just plain rude. Life would be a little dull if we all chose the same names wouldn't it?
OP, I think Posy is gorgeous. It doesn't strike me as unusual or offensive in any way whatsoever. I think it's feminine and rolls nicely off the tongue. I can't imagine I'd bat an eyelid if you introduced your DD to me as Posy.
Ethel sounds a little too harsh in comparison to Posy. The two names don't flow. Not overly keen on Eleanor either, can't put my finger on why.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 03-Jul-13 20:26:49

I'm 24 OP and those names are awful individually never mind combined.

scottishmummy Wed 03-Jul-13 20:13:07

I like those individual girl names,but not paired together
Percy, no sorry thats slang for penis

MarianForrester Wed 03-Jul-13 20:06:43

Like Posy. But can't do Posy Ethel: what if she changes her name if married and her initials spell something unfortunate?? Always wary of the consonant vowel name combination.

bugsybill Wed 03-Jul-13 20:02:06

I think call her Josephine Eleanor, nicknamed Posy.

I like the sound of posy but for some reason it doesn't "look' right, can't put my finger on why. It looks like a spelling error, too short or something.

I personally dont like the Prim part of primrose.

Ethel is fine as a middle name but it seems you have change s your mind on that. In my opinion the middle name can be pretty much anything, whatever you like.

How about Percival to avoid the Percy meaning of arse (if that is true) confused

winterlights Wed 03-Jul-13 19:22:03

I don't like Posy or Ethel. I think that the granny- chic names have had their day. Sorry!

Mintberry Wed 03-Jul-13 19:19:50

On a different thread I just used Ethel as an example of a name I would have killed my mum and dad for giving me, if that answers your question!

exoticfruits Wed 03-Jul-13 19:13:41

You can't give Ethel , even as a middle name- you really can't! Dire!
Posy is OK as a nickname.

whyno Wed 03-Jul-13 19:01:33

I know a lovely 30yr old Posy. Perfectly happy with her name she is too!

Wahla Wed 03-Jul-13 17:55:19

I think Primrose with nn Posy is lovely.

farmersdaughter Wed 03-Jul-13 17:36:28

Eleanor as a middle name...

Totally misses the original question grin

Posy Eleanor sounds lovely. Unusual but not unheard off, perfect.

farmersdaughter Wed 03-Jul-13 17:34:33

I like Posy, which is odd as I'm personally not a fan of Daisy, Poppy names. I've suggested Posy for DC2 DH not keen.

Personally I'd have Josephine nn Posy but that's just me. Not keen on Ethel but thank goddess we don't all like the same names as otherwise life would be very dull.

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