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Okay to give a baby a name that doesn't typically match ethnicity?

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chesterberry Sat 29-Jun-13 22:50:13

I'm just wondering what people think about giving a baby a name which, whilst popular in other cultures/ countries, is not popular in your own?

I really like some typically Asian names - I love the name Zeeshan for a boy and it is my favourite name out of my shortlist by a mile but I have never met a boy who was not of Asian or Middle Eastern heritage being given the name.

For a girl I was trying to decide between Priya (Indian) and Sakura (Japanese) - I travelled Asia on my gap-year and all of the names on my list have some sentimental value for me, but when I told my parents my names they said I was being ridiculous to suggest 'such non-white names' for my child and would be setting him/her up for a lifetime of trying to explain why they weren't given a 'normal British' name.

This hadn't worried me but now I am starting to second guess myself and think maybe people will think it very strange to give my child a name which, when people first hear it, will make them assume s/he is going to be of a different heritage and that this could matter for my child.

Baby's father is not on the scene so decision is mine alone but really wondering what other people think - do you think it would be very unreasonable/unfair to give baby a name that, for his/her heritage, would seem very unusual to some? Or do you think that these names will become more popular outside of their cultures in a few years anyway as more people come to know and thus consider them for their children?

Would be really grateful for anyone's thoughts and opinions - I accept that whatever name I choose for my baby not everybody will like it and the important thing is to choose names I love, and I don't care if people think I am pretentious as the names genuinely hold a lot of meaning for me, I haven't just chosen them to be different, but I would hate to choose a name that would make my child's life in any way difficult when they start school etc.

chillinwithmyyonis Sat 06-Jul-13 01:03:25

I like Priya, its a simple pretty name, I suppose a bit similar sounding to Freya. I doubt it'd give you that many problems.

Not so keen on Sakura, but Zeeshan is quite nice.

My own DS is mixed, he has an African first name but his middle name is Micah, which can be used for a girl too. And I know a Pascha, a French Hebrew name, but the little girl has no connection. And I quite like Tabiya which is german.

mirai Sat 06-Jul-13 06:14:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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