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How would you pronounce Xylia?

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Clickityclack Tue 25-Jun-13 22:55:05

Just that really. I saw it written down today and I think it looks pretty but I have no idea how you'd pronounce it, any ideas?

JeanPaget Tue 25-Jun-13 22:56:48


Not mad keen on it though tbh.

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 22:57:05

As in Xylophone ?

DramaAlpaca Tue 25-Jun-13 22:58:04

Probably like Zillia - ZILL-ee-ah.

Ragusa Tue 25-Jun-13 22:58:06


Sounds like Xylitol to me (ingredient in chewing gum). Xenia or xanthe I like more smile

MultipleMama Tue 25-Jun-13 22:59:26

Kinda like the sound you pronounce when saying Xavier.

TigOldBitties Tue 25-Jun-13 23:02:15

Either Zil-E-ah, I guess to rhyme with trivia

Or Zye-Lee-ah to rhyme with .... Livelier?

The second one would be my automatic, but the first is what I'd come up with if I gave it a second of thought.

IThinkOfHappyWhenIThinkOfYou Tue 25-Jun-13 23:03:12

Z eye leah

rundontwalk Tue 25-Jun-13 23:04:23

Zye-lee-ah. Think you'd get a lot of different pronunciations!

Myliferocks Tue 25-Jun-13 23:05:37

My DS2 has a Xylia in his year group.

She pronounces it Zye-lee-ah.

RegularVoltaire Tue 25-Jun-13 23:07:48

zye lee ah

zye like xylophone

Theselittlelightsofmine Tue 25-Jun-13 23:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomMess Tue 25-Jun-13 23:09:44

I'd say zye lee ah too

BackforGood Tue 25-Jun-13 23:10:20

Never heard of it, but if I saw it written, I'd say Zy-lee-ah but with a question mark in my voice wink

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 25-Jun-13 23:14:03

Zy - lee - ah

Like xylem which it reminds me of. I quite liked the idea of Xylem and Phloem for twins.

I suppose it's a good job I didn't have twins.

valiumredhead Tue 25-Jun-13 23:15:24

Zy lee ah

AuntieStella Tue 25-Jun-13 23:16:04


Love the idea of Xylem and Phloem grin

Mintyy Tue 25-Jun-13 23:16:19


curlew Tue 25-Jun-13 23:16:55

How can a name "look pretty"? hmm

RiaOverTheRainbow Tue 25-Jun-13 23:18:43


savoirfaire Tue 25-Jun-13 23:21:05


squoosh Wed 26-Jun-13 00:10:41

Zillia. Looks and sounds like an anxiety medication.

What about Zinnia?

elQuintoConyo Wed 26-Jun-13 00:21:41

X always sounds like CH where I live.
It looks horrible, like a bacteria.

So, how should it be pronounced, OP?

bugsybill Wed 26-Jun-13 00:36:32

Zye (like eye)- lee- uh

desertbaby Wed 26-Jun-13 03:48:13

Zy lee ah

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