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Clara, Zara, Pippa, Astrid or Erin...

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IsThisAGoodIdea Sat 22-Jun-13 13:43:09

Help me with a girl's name would you? I'm finding girls much harder than boys - probably because there are fewer boys names I actually like.

IsThisAGoodIdea Sat 22-Jun-13 13:49:17

Oh god, just googled a Mumsnet thread about the name Pippa! shock

squoosh Sat 22-Jun-13 13:55:54

Yes Pippa has some, ummm, colourful meanings in other countries.

Love Clara and Zara from your list.

bootsycollins Sat 22-Jun-13 14:01:33

Pippa and Zara are my favourites from your choices.

BeyonceCastle Sat 22-Jun-13 14:10:20

Clara Astrid - dr who
Astrid - how to train your dragon
Pippa - middleton/twee
Zara - clothes shop
Erin - strictly, brokovich


Out of that lot i like Erin the best
Astrid a close second but i love HTTYD

IsThisAGoodIdea Sat 22-Jun-13 15:49:20

Thanks for that. Don't all names have associations like those? Are you saying that's a bad thing? I don't get it confused

Onetwo34 Sat 22-Jun-13 15:51:51

I think I like Astrid best. Strong, unusual.

Onetwo34 Sat 22-Jun-13 15:52:48

And what is the problem with Pippa?

Blanketsandpillows Sat 22-Jun-13 15:53:11

I'm having exactly the same issues with girls names!
On your list I really like Clara, I think Astrid is very cool, Erin and Zara are nice but don't 'excite' me, and Pippa is not really my cup of tea.

MerylStrop Sat 22-Jun-13 15:55:05

Astrid is utterly brilliant, I love it.

Don't like Zara (Spanish clothes shop, horsey Royal)

Clara is ok

What about Cara?

IsThisAGoodIdea Sat 22-Jun-13 16:15:08

OneTwo34, apparently Pippa means blow-job in Greek slang and wank in Italian.

I've never heard this though, maybe it's a MN thing grin

squoosh Sat 22-Jun-13 16:21:22

It also means shag in Swedish! Apparently Sweden had a collective snigger throughout the royal wedding.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Sat 22-Jun-13 16:23:01

I love Astrid.

Thurlow Sat 22-Jun-13 16:29:55

Erin or Clara, both are fab.

Breezy1985 Sat 22-Jun-13 16:49:55

My sister is a Pippa and she's told about the slang meanings all the time!

Onetwo34 Sat 22-Jun-13 16:59:31

I like Erin and Clara too.

StitchAteMySleep Sat 22-Jun-13 17:04:56

I love Astrid and Erin.

Erin - love it
Astrid - yes, really like that too
Zara - ok, but royal/shop links not great
Clara - no, don't like it at all, old fashioned and I don't like old fashioned names
Pippa - the worst, just seems a bit too girly and lightweight to me, then there's the translations.

JumpingJackSprat Sat 22-Jun-13 17:48:28

I love astrid and zara very cool names

ScentedCandlestickMaker Sat 22-Jun-13 17:55:13


KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 22-Jun-13 17:56:44

Zara is my fave

Allalonenow Sat 22-Jun-13 17:56:49

Astrid, with Clara a close second.

Not keen at all on Erin.

Pippa is OK if used as a nn for Philippa.

Zara is a bit dated, though still pretty, and a nice meaning.

Elquota Sat 22-Jun-13 20:09:37

From your list I'd definitely go for Zara.

Clara - OK but Claire would be more unusual these days!
Zara - love it
Pippa - OK as a nickname. Don't worry about foreign meanings, they're unlikely to become relevant
Astrid - too harsh
Erin - not keen

bootsycollins Sat 22-Jun-13 21:14:43

Here's some other suggestions you may like.....


amandine07 Sun 23-Jun-13 08:00:17

I love Zara- it's a strong, solid name that cannot be shortened and will not cause mass confusion over the spelling.

Although I also love the shop, I really don't associate them- two completely separate entities. I have a lovely friend called Zara.

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