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Would it be weird to name your ds a version of your name

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FattyMcChubster Wed 19-Jun-13 22:55:16

That's it basically.
I know a lot of men name their ds after themselves but why if you gave your son the masculine version of your name? Is that odd?

Like, simone-Simon

That might not be my best example but don't want to out myself! blushgrin

ShabbyButNotChic Sun 23-Jun-13 20:37:08

My auntie did this accidentally, she is called christine (chrissie for short) and had twins one christmas eve, so they were called (after many mary and joseph jokes) christopher and holly. She didnt make the connection until someone referred to the baby as chris! Blame the baby brain....she made many attempts to start other nicknames kit/topher etc but no, chris stuck. The worst bit, when he got to school alllll his friends called him chrissy....yes, she felt dim.

diddl Sat 22-Jun-13 12:17:08

Odd to me.

But then we've never named after GPs, parents either.

Although my son has the same middle name as his dad & his dad iyswim.

And my daughter has the same middle name as my maternal GM.

I know a Stephanie who called her son Steven.

Didn't strike me as narcissistic, more-could you really not think of something original?

NigellaEllaElla Sat 22-Jun-13 12:06:40

I should add that something like Jemima and James I think is fine. The ones I would have a problem with are the obviously samey ones - Christina and Christopher; Henry and Henrietta; Alexander and Alexandra.

NigellaEllaElla Sat 22-Jun-13 12:03:57

This would definitely make me a bit hmm

If I knew someone who had done this I would definitely be hoiking up my judgey pants. I know it would be wrong of me to do so. I'm just giving my honest opinion.

TeaCuresEverything Sat 22-Jun-13 11:48:07

ha ha I don't know if my ds would have suited being called Victor.

MooseBeTimeForSpring Fri 21-Jun-13 03:19:08

I never asked if it was purposeful or accidental. I was DD2.

MooseBeTimeForSpring Fri 21-Jun-13 03:18:25

My mother was Joan Alice. I'm Joanne Allison.

PinkPepper Fri 21-Jun-13 02:01:06

Not for me - but then I have a unisex name. I personally wouldn't though but wouldn't let dp either smile

IsThisAGoodIdea Fri 21-Jun-13 01:40:43

Would people find Anna/Annabel weird?

MrsFrederickWentworth Thu 20-Jun-13 22:39:05

If you like it, go ahead. I think it is nice, not narcissistic.

But maybe I would say that because we have family names for boys on both DH's and my side, and I was called after my mother, with the old fashioned variant of her name. I always just thought how much my father loved my mother.

Now guessing frantically which name it is.

To add uselessly to the list
Dorothea , theodora/Theodore, as above

Ooh I am having fun

Alexandra/ Alexander,Alistair.

Bertha,.Roberta/ Robert
Add Seamus and iago and Jago and Jake and Jemima to the James list.

fanjodisfunction Thu 20-Jun-13 19:18:13

I went to school with a girl named after her she was called Nala, and her Dad was called Alan.

miffybun73 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:49:39

I think that it's a bit strange, but plenty of people do it.

Maryz Thu 20-Jun-13 17:11:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WomanvsFood Thu 20-Jun-13 16:57:09

I have done this, though kind of unwittingly. We chose Christopher for our DS, but have shortened to Kit. My name is Kate, and the similarity didn't occur to either of us until after we were dead set on the name and so we went for it anyway.

Some people probably find it a bit odd, but I really like it - feels like DS and I are a proper little team.

dufflefluffle Thu 20-Jun-13 16:32:20


I don't think it's be too weird

FattyMcChubster Thu 20-Jun-13 16:30:14

Thing is, I love the name and had to have it pointed out that it's the masculine version of my own name shockblush
<dim emoticon>
So it's not that I would use it as in naming after myself, only that I love it and it just happens to be similar? But that's a pretty long story to get into!

milkymocha Thu 20-Jun-13 09:03:44

I have the female version of my dads name and live it smile although we both have the same nickname that gets confusing for DP.

ghislaine Thu 20-Jun-13 07:46:23

I have done this, although not on purpose and it's not very obvious. (More like Rupert/Roberta than Simon/Simone.) No-one has ever commented on it.

mathanxiety Thu 20-Jun-13 05:16:21

Family names are still very common in my family -- it helps that it's a huge family, with previous generations having 10+ children so there are many names to choose from.

mathanxiety Thu 20-Jun-13 05:14:49

I wouldn't consider Julie - Juliette weird at all, or any names on MrsFrederickWentworth's list or similar.

However, if a name was one you would hardly ever hear used for a boy or girl and if it stood out as a near copy of a father or mother's name then I would wonder if they couldn't have been a bit more original.

HappyAsASandboy Thu 20-Jun-13 02:40:01

Our children have one of our names each as a middle name. DS has DH's middle name as his middle name, and DD has my first name as her middle name.

Sometimes I wonder if it is a bit odd, but we have nice names and they make nice names for the children grin

I think it used to be a lot more common for children to take older generations names (mums, dads, aunties, uncles) and I quite like the sense of family.

nooka Thu 20-Jun-13 02:34:25

I think it is a bit self indulgent, but I'd think the same the other way around (e.g. I thought it was naff that Nigel Lawson called his daughter Nigella) and think that parents who call their children the exact same name as them are both self indulgent and unimaginative!

However I think it depends on how closely the names are related as there are quite a few names (esp. girls names) that are derived from other names but were you wouldn't immediately think that the child was called after a parent. Like a father called James with a daughter Jacqueline sounds very different to a Paul/Paula type combo.

WhiteBirdBlueSky Thu 20-Jun-13 01:36:34

I think it's a bit of an odd thing to do.

curlyclaz13 Thu 20-Jun-13 01:29:01

slightly different but we have chosen a name with the same meaning as OH for a middle name. still feels like naming after but not exactly. Also we would have ended up with omg as initials if we used exactly the same name !

IsThisAGoodIdea Thu 20-Jun-13 01:20:50

I'd love to name my DD a lengthened version of my name but am worried people would find it narcissistic. Such a lovely name though.

Imagine Julie calling her daughter Juliette. For example. Not my name but would you find it weird?

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