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Iona- too much of a mouthful

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wombatcheese Tue 18-Jun-13 08:37:29

I need help to convince DH that Iona is a great name. He feels it is too much of a mouthful and there are no good abbreviations we can think of. Onie doesn't sound so pretty.
So, is Iona too much of a mouthful? -It would go well with our surname. Any other abbreviations which might sway my DH's opinion?

mojo1981 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:18:00

I know an Iona, a very pretty little girl with gorgeous blond curls, and she plays with my little girl at playgroup who is called Isla!

Our only concern is that if Isla marries some one with the surname "white" or "dogs" lol

GampyWabbit Thu 20-Jun-13 10:28:53

What are your dds called?

Longdistance Thu 20-Jun-13 04:10:46

My aunt was Ilona. It's Hungarian and I love it.

I once met a Scottish lady who's name was Ilona, and was named after her mums friend who was Hungarian. Its just adding that extra letter.

But is pronounced Ee Lon a in Hungarian.

Just a suggestion.

wombatcheese Thu 20-Jun-13 03:15:26

Thanks for all the replies. I had never heard of any other ways of pronouncing it other than the Scottish island, I-own-a. I am Scottish, but live in England, hopefully future DD wouldn't have too much explaining pronounciations to do.
Demented- I totally get where you are coming from and I don't feel a nickname is needed. However DH feels a 3 syllable name is too long, esp as it has so many vowels. Our 2 DDs have daft nicknames which we call them.

dementedma Tue 18-Jun-13 23:12:07

Why do you need an abbreviation? Its a lovely name. I don't get this mn obsession with nicknames. Ds is Joseph - not Joe, not Joey, just Joseph. If you stick to the name from day one then you don't get any nicknames or horrible abbreviations

MrsOakenshield Tue 18-Jun-13 23:07:11

Eye-oh-na is how you pronounce the island though, and that's where the name is from? I had no idea there was any other way to pronounce it! It is one where I do think it makes more sense if you are Scottish, I doubt any Scot would have problems with spelling or pronunciation. I think it's lovely, and doesn't need an abbreviation.

Cooroo Tue 18-Jun-13 23:04:32

I work with a Iona who is named the Welsh way. She goes mad when people call her I-own-a, but 'Yona' is a lovely name.

burberryqueen Tue 18-Jun-13 23:02:43

Iona as Yona is nice, and Iola as Yola but not sure about Eye-oh-na

FunnysInLaJardin Tue 18-Jun-13 23:00:24

oh and pronounced Eye Oh Nah. This was the 70's though!

FunnysInLaJardin Tue 18-Jun-13 22:59:36

lovely name. My BF as a child was called Iona

rubylovescheese Tue 18-Jun-13 22:58:44

I know 2 and they're both pronounced yonna. I am nowhere near wales. I think she would come across these uncertainties in pronunciation throughout life.

GampyWabbit Tue 18-Jun-13 22:54:24

Lovely name. I would use it if we ever had another but we won't

What about Nina, Naomi or Esme?

At first my dh was strongly against my absolute favourite name, Esme for dc3, but in the end we went with it and we all love it now thank goodness!

Unlurked Tue 18-Jun-13 17:09:08

I think it's a lovely name smile

pictish Tue 18-Jun-13 15:54:07

I do get called Nonie by my dh and other loved ones...but that's just a wee pet name. I am generally known as Iona.

pictish Tue 18-Jun-13 15:52:32

My name is Iona - it's not a mouthful at all!!

Anri Tue 18-Jun-13 15:51:36

I love Iona! I think that Nonie would be cute as a nickname.

squoosh Tue 18-Jun-13 15:50:05

I'm afraid I'm with your DH on this one.

mejon Tue 18-Jun-13 13:41:58

Pinkflipflop - Yona is the Welsh pronounciation of Iona so you don't get the 'I own a...' problems you get with the Scottish version!

wombatcheese Tue 18-Jun-13 12:47:14

Mama, those are both lovely names. Have had my heart set on Iona, I guess if DH just isn't keen it's back to the drawing board!

mamalovebird Tue 18-Jun-13 12:27:05

I love Iona but can't get DH to like it. He says he tries but it just doesn't do it for him. What about Isla or Ayla?

Pinkflipflop Tue 18-Jun-13 12:26:53

I went to school with an Iona and she got called Yona!

BlueChampagne Tue 18-Jun-13 12:22:59


IrnBruAddict Tue 18-Jun-13 12:03:13

I have an Iona and I do love the name. I always joke that she's not as peaceful as the island she's named after but it still suits her, if that makes sense.

She's also just starting to say her own name and pronounces it as a very cute 'Iowa' - wrong country but never mind grin

Tickledyellow Tue 18-Jun-13 12:00:37

No, not rude. It is a pretty name. It might just be me but I feel like I am saying the beginning of a sentence in a name... I own a.....!

wombatcheese Tue 18-Jun-13 11:27:36

Arrg, I hadn't considered the whole future surname thing. I clearly haven't thought forward enough. At least Iona ... is unlikely to be rude, or am I missing something?!

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